What’s in the bag? One thing the Royal Family always packs

Turns out there’s a very good reason the Royal Family has to pack a spare pair of clothes.

kate and will

Any seasoned traveller knows to pack a change of clothes into the carry-on luggage. This smart habit is a result of  either being caught out or hearing horror stories about checked bags going AWOL. My friends were forced to wear the same underwear for three days!

While it’s unlikely the Royal Family pack their own bags, it turns out they have a strict list of wardrobe rules to adhere to, one of which is non-negotiable when it comes to travel.

According to the Independent, when any member of the Royal Family travels to another country, they are required to pack an all-black ensemble. The reason? Unlike Melburnians for whom this would be everyday attire, the rule is in place should anyone in the family die. If other family members are travelling at the time, they will have an appropriate outfit for mourning to slip into when they return home.

royals wearing black

Stepping off the plane in an outfit that matches the sombre mood of the occasion is a must.

For anyone who’s watched The Crown this is shown in the scene where the Queen learns of her father’s death while in Kenya with Prince Philip. She didn’t have a black dress with her on the trip so was forced to wait on the plane until one could be delivered before she could disembark and appear in public.

As a result of this instance where they were caught unprepared, it is now a compulsory rule that the whole family must follow.

What do you think of this rule? Do you pack a spare pair of clothes or underwear when you travel or leave caution to the wind?



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    9th Sep 2017
    Appropriate for the Royal Family, whose every move is analysed and reanalysed by our moronic Press, but scarcely necessary for us ordinary mortals. LOL.
    9th Sep 2017
    Having had my luggage travel to other destinations than mine, not once but several times, I now always have a whole change of clothing appropriate for the country I am landing in, toothbrush and meds in my carry on bag and a light coat to fold up and put in the overhead locker.
    9th Sep 2017
    Just seems sensible to me to have at least extra undies and pants and top, just in case luggage goes astray. I have had friends whose luggage travelled around the USA for 3 days before it reached them in North Carolina!!
    9th Sep 2017
    After losing a bag once, I now always pack my preferred toothbrush and toothpaste. Already (fortunately), I knew to pack meds with my in carry-on bag.
    9th Sep 2017
    Got caught once. Going to a funeral in UK. Changed planes at Dubai, arrived at Heathrow in food stained travel clothes. No luggage!! Still sitting in Dubai. Fortunately Emirates found my luggage and couriered it to Southampton. Arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning on the day of the funeral.
    9th Sep 2017
    The Queen never travels without her homeopathic kit.
    8th May 2018
    My luggage ended up on a mine site in Northern Territory and as there was only one flight in and out per week I had to buy new clothing. Problem is I'm short and have to take up the length in pants all the time. Lucky it was summer and could buy 3/4 pants. I now take a change of clothing just in case. Airline covered my costs, but was inconvient.

    2nd Jun 2018
    Always carry all my underwear, pj's in my carry on bag. I find packing cubes fantastic...you can roll so much up and fit into a small cube it is quite amazing and easier to find things without rummaging through your bag. Toothbrush and small tube of paste is a necessity.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Severed heads of their own family which will be presented to their devout followers

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