Video: Cute and cagey animal criminals

Theft is no laughing matter – except, of course, when the perpetrators are so darn cute …

Downward view of shih tzu dog look up at sausages on bench

Theft is no laughing matter – except, of course, when the perpetrators are so darn cute that you can’t help but laugh as they make off with your pizza.

In this hilarious video, you’ll see a seagull ducking into a shop to nick a packet of crisps; resourceful raccoons helping themselves to, well, whatever they can get their cute little claws on; and a clever cat burglar that can open a freezer door without the help of human hands.

When animals are this cute it’s difficult to get angry at them – unless, of course, it’s your hubcap with which that cheeky monkey just ran off!

Enjoy this video of cute and cagey animal crims, and let us know which one was your preferred plunderer.



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    go veg!
    11th Apr 2016
    Very cute and funny, especially the dogs and cats. However, people have caused great problems by feeding wild animals, hence the saying in Africa "A fed babboon is a dead babboon" as they will be killed by rangers if they lose their fear of humans and become dangerous. Same in Qld with dingoes on Fraser Island. Also, feeding wild birds results in severe health problems as bread and other human food is very bad for them, even if they seem to love it.
    11th Apr 2016
    So true GoVeg!
    So many wild animals are left with very little food due to our destroying / developing (which often means the same thing!) their habitat. Some of them have had to learn the hard way to get food any way they can. That's one reason why I get angry with people who whine about possums eating their flowers. They're a native species and have no land left in which to live – what are they supposed to do?!!!! Animals are always the poor unfortunates that get kicked off the page when it comes to overdevelopment / overpopulation / overplanting of English cottage style gardens which have no place in our native landscape anyway. All power to the animals! I say... If they can get the cake off the table on the back deck – then them them eat it!!
    11th Apr 2016
    Love your post lYLC. So true.
    I think everyone, where possible, should be putting out water
    for the birds and other animals. Bird baths and water availability
    at ground level. Throughout the year.
    All power to the animals! ????????????????????
    11th Apr 2016
    PS Those question-marks were emoticons!

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