Where you want to go in 2017

Our survey results are in, get ready to update your bucket list for 2017.

top ten travel destinations

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her next dream destinations include Cuba and Morocco.

5. Italy
World’s first wine fountain is here

wine fountain 

4. USA
Making New York affordable

new york

3. New Zealand
New Zealand: guided or go-it-alone?

driving solo in new zealand

2. Canada
Canada’s wonderful wine valley

okanagan valley canada

1. UK
The London luxury worth splurging on

st pancras hotel

Do you agree with this top 10 bucket list? How many of these destinations have you been to and how many are already on your bucket list?


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    7th Jan 2017
    Being disabled and with hubby not well all I want is too get of the the house, a beach view with beach access that isn't a long walk to dip my toes into ocean, to sit with a book on a verandah watching and listening and smelling the ocean, not much to ask, and closer to home the better. But can't even do that!
    7th Jan 2017
    I've been to them all, except Japan, and my favourites would be USA and Italy. I'm going to Northern Europe this year, so if anyone's been to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Estonia, Finland and Russia (these places are on a cruise) would love to hear of your experience and any advice you have.
    9th Jan 2017
    We did a Baltic cruise in 2014 amazing. Loved Tallin it's so quaint. In Warrnemunde we took the train to Rostok a University town it was lovely to walk around and have lunch and don't forget to try the strawberries they are well known in that area. Take a tour in St Petersburg too hard to do it on your own. We booked a two day tour from the ship well worth it. Make sure you have plenty of memory on your camera card.
    12th Jan 2017
    Have been all around America, Toronto and the Niagara falls, river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam then flew to Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia where my mother comes from.
    This was over 2 yrs ago and last year we went on a month long Mediterranean cruise.
    Highly recommend cruises and we thoroughly enjoyed Greece and Italy, Spain, Amsterdam and Austria.
    7th Jan 2017
    I prefer Australia, and besides cannot afford to travel overseas, why go to all these crowded places. Although New Zealand is appealing.
    12th Jan 2017
    I have no wish to visit Asian and Mid Eastern nor African countries because of very crowded conditions as well as many other factors.
    7th Jan 2017
    My husband and i have been to 5 of theses destinations with just ireland left on the bucket list. We also travel around Australia in our camper but i think traveling overseas is good to do because it broadens your perceptions of the world and its people. We can get a little narrow minded in our viewpoints until we see first hand that everyone else in every other country just wants to live happily with their own family and friends and get by. Its a good leveller.
    8th Jan 2017
    Now I know where everyone is going so I can avoid them and go elsewhwre away from the crowds.
    12th Jan 2017
    Ha ha but that would not be my excuse.
    12th Jan 2017
    Greek Islands were the best as well as the Amalfi coast in Italy which is the Italian equivalent of the French Riviera.
    Pompeii is worth a visit there in Italy as well as Rome.
    3rd Jun 2017
    I'd love to go back to the UK and Scandinavia. I was supposed to be going on a cruise in early 2018, but my son is taking me to Bali in October this year, so I can't afford spending money for both.However, my son will pay the cancellation fee for the cruise, and though Bali is not my first choice for a holiday, who would give up a free trip?

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