23rd Nov 2016
Why your refrigerator shouldn’t be perfectly level
Mans hand opening fridge door

Is your refrigerator perfectly level? Well you may be surprised to learn that it shouldn’t be. Keep your refrigerator running smoothly and prevent ice build-up with this quick tech tutorial.

Your refrigerator should be tilted slightly backwards (the front should be a little higher than the back). If it is tilted correctly, the front doors should close by themselves when they are opened to less than 90 degrees. If your refrigerator isn’t tilted correctly, the doors may not shut automatically, which can contribute to problems with humidity and ice build-up or can lead to a hefty power bill if accidentally left open. An incorrectly levelled fridge can also cause problems with defrost cycles and draining and, if it has an icemaker, it may fail to function.

Most manufacturers recommend having the front of the fridge 0.5 to 1.2cm higher than the back; with this balance the front doors should close by themselves, sealing shut, but without slamming loudly. To get this balance right, you should be able to adjust the front legs of your fridge. The way of doing this will vary from model to model, so if you still have the manual, try and find it to see what it says. Adjustments can usually be made by removing the grille at the front of the fridge, then rotating the legs or screws. Make sure that you have someone helping out with this and holding the fridge steady, leaning it up off the ground.

If you can’t find your fridge’s manual, you will probably be able to find a digital copy at ManualsOnline.



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    29th Nov 2016
    We used to just glue 4 Penny's together and put them under the Front Hinge Side Corner :-) Worked a treat and the door shut Automatically :-) ' Had One fridge for 30 years !!
    You know, Back when they could make a Fridge ( Properly) IN AUSTRALIA :-) :-) :-)
    1st Apr 2017
    help: thanks for the post, i think adjustments can usually be made by removing the grille at the front of the fridge, then rotating the legs or screws.
    1st Apr 2017
    It didn't have any screws ?? :-(
    18th Jun 2017
    hack roblox: Nice informative post; There’s certainly a lot to find out about this issue. I love all the points you made.
    18th Jun 2017
    Thanks for that MAUALS ONLINE bit !! :-) :-) Most Handy !! :-) :-)
    8th Jan 2018
    PS.. You can find Manuals for Most old Electrical Items in there too !
    Just hunt around a Tad and you'll find them :-) :-)

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