Wise up with this refresher on personal safety

Whether out and about walking, shopping or driving, stay alert and stay safe.

Wise up with these safety tips

Whenever I get into my car now, I lock the doors immediately – even before I start the engine. It’s about being safe rather than sorry.

I’ve heard too many news bulletins about people knocking on your window at shopping centres pretending to have something you’ve dropped, or claiming you hit their car, or them.

No one wants to be fearful, but these tips might help keep you safe.

In your vehicle
Always keep your car doors locked, whether you are in or out of your car. Never risk running out of petrol, and service your car regularly.

If your car does break down, pull over to the left as far as possible, call for assistance, raise the bonnet and wait inside the car.

Don’t leave your handbag, wallet or laptop on the seat beside you. Put it on the floor, where it is out of sight and more difficult for someone to grab.

When returning to your car, check the front and back seats before getting in.

Never pick up hitchhikers. If someone appears to be in trouble and is trying to get you to stop, call the police.

While shopping
Never leave your handbag in a shopping cart or unattended.

Don’t carry more cash than necessary.

Don’t display large sums of cash.

Out walking
Avoid walking alone at night. Avoid high-risk areas, even during the day.

Stay alert to your surroundings. Walk confidently.

Have your key ready when you approach your front door.

Keep your bag close to your body.

Door-knockers/phone calls
Never agree to home repairs with a ‘tradesperson’ who says he/she will give you an amazing price if you agree to the work now – for cash.

Don’t make charity donations at your front door. Go straight to the source, i.e. the website.

Never give bank details over the phone.

Ignore the get-rich-quick scheme. If it seems too good to be true, it will be.

If you have been conned, report the crime to the police. Con artists rely on their victims’ reluctance to admit they’ve been duped.

Are you more fearful than you were years ago? Do you religiously follow any of these tips?



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    20th Jul 2018
    Diet Expert on how to cure LEAKY GUT - after half an hour of listening to him, I gave up - I knew there would be an expensive pill at the end but he just went ON AND ON I never found out what it was all about. HO-HUM Talk about verbal diarrrhoea !! he needs to find a cure for that.
    20th Jul 2018
    I don't "allow" anyone to go on and on on the phone.

    20th Jul 2018
    Carry a gun instead a load of cash. That was my life for 9 years in Africa, now the same might come here as shown by the gangs in Melbourne.
    21st Jul 2018
    wear your credit card/s in a plastic sleeve on a lanyard around your neck and slip under your shirt/blouse when shopping. I am amazed that some senior ladies carry all their jewellery in their handbags when out shopping and they walk along with it dangling from their hand. They are easy prey.

    I no longer warn women about leaving their handbags in the top of the shopping trolley due to the blase' attitude they have displayed when I do...if they get robbed it is due to their own stupidity...we have all been warned.

    Husband always carries a "fake" wallet and if anyone wants his money he will just hand that over.
    21st Jul 2018
    Forgot to say dont walk along using your mobile phone...you are easy prey for someone to come up behind you, snatch your phone and anything else they fancy.

    Happening all the time in London...saw on news the other night.
    22nd Jul 2018
    Yes Cowboy. Anyone who has lived, worked or visited Africa understands.

    My youngest worked for a few years in Angola. It's one of the reasons I believe the dog eat dog pure capitalism model is dangerous.

    If you can afford armed guards it's sort of safe.

    Living in razor wired compounds isn't as much fun as the neoliberal make it out to be while desperate people try to get anything they can and fear of highjacking or kidnapping is a daily gauntlet.

    Noodles escalators are a target also. Easy to snatch something as they pass by on those double ones in major cities.

    I carry my valuables, passport, cards and cash in a money belt under my clothes too and can hand over the handbag just giving the daily cash and credit card.

    I also carry cash as ATMs or credit don't always work in a banking system as fragile as we have now.

    Higher inequality always comes with a need for greater security.
    21st Jul 2018
    What evidence is there that walking alone at night is more risky than walking alone during the day? Night is portrayed in movies and crime shows as a risk. Yet these crimes seem to actually occur more during the day. Stranger danger is out there, yes. However violent crimes are more likely to be perpetrated by your nearest and dearest. Some of them even try to con you
    22nd Jul 2018
    A google search will answer that question and as far as I can see it is at night.

    Ask the poor girls who were walking home in Melbourne, Jill Meagher, one of them and the other was the latest victim walking home in the dark through a park. Her name escape me but it was all over the media recently.

    I am not prepared to take the risk and rarely go out at night anyway now.
    22nd Jul 2018
    Is crime escalating or is it a media beat up in preparation for election fear mongering?

    The only increased problem police friends have mentioned is the ice addicts going a bit crazy after a binge session and having to be confined or hospitalised for their own safety and the safety of neighbours, family or friends.

    The drug problem is getting out of control especially for youths not working. All young people need meaningful work to keep them occupied, interested and hopeful.

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