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Are you a mature age job seeker? is Australia’s leading job board for the mature age market. If you are a mature age job seeker or recently retired and seeking casual or part time work, join Adage for FREE to connect with employers and recruiters who value maturity and experience.

The 45-54 age bracket is the fastest growing labour market segment in Australia and with the country expected to face a skills shortage of over 200,000 workers by 2016, employers can longer afford to continue to neglect this target market.

Gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability are all areas usually covered off in organisational diversity policies. In most instances these issues have been addressed due to the emergence of a risk management issue due to legislative requirements.
While the Age Discrimination Act has been in existence since 2004, Australia’s first Age Discrimination Commissioner was only appointed in August 2011. With an ageing population and an increase in age based discrimination complaints, age diversity should be at the top of every organisations diversity agenda in 2012.

At Adage, they understand that when people say ‘mature age’ or ‘older workers’ it doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to slow down and start thinking about retirement! In fact, most people in this age group are not only working on still building their careers, but also actively seeking new careers and new mountains to climb.

It’s their mission to change the sometimes-negative market perceptions associated with the recruitment of mature age workers and Adage is here to provide a voice for this audience.

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