Education & Learning

Give it a go

Trying something new is a great way to broaden horizons and meet new people.

Considering an aged care qualification?

An Associate Degree in Dementia Aged Care could formalise your qualifications

A collection of thoughts

When given the opportunity, most men love to collect.

How to learn a foreign language for free

YOURLifeChoices shares four ways you can learn a language for free

Enjoy life’s learnings online

U3A Online delivers a wide range of courses via the internet to older Australians

The Career Doctor - Going Global

Susan Moir explains globalisation and how it could affect you and your career.

Staying relevant

Susan Moir explains how you can painlessly conquer new technology.

Should I return to study?

Find out if you should return to study and why in part one of this three-part guide.

What study options are available?

Discover what's available, from degrees to short courses and online learning.

Kickstart your return to study

Learn how to kickstart your return to study.

Australia’s most unusual short courses 2012

Sausage making, wallaby raising or flamenco anyone?

Free university

Learning, discussion and debate are on offer at Melbourne Free University.

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