How to learn a foreign language for free

Whether you are planning an overseas trip, or just enjoy learning for learning’s sake, getting stuck in to a new language can be fun and rewarding. YOURLifeChoices shares four ways you can learn a language for free.

Study online
The Learn a Language website offers you access to free language lessons, including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. There are seven languages to choose from, and new content is added every week. You can study Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese or Russian. Find out more at

Find a penpal
The Interpals website allows you to find a penpal anywhere in the world. It’s free to join and using your profile, you can search for a friend to practice whichever language you are learning. Just be careful about giving out personal information – talking to a penpal is the same as making contact with anyone online, and it is important to remember to stay safe. To find foreign language penpal visit

Read a newspaper
A great way to practice your language skills is to read a local newspaper from the country who’s language you’re learning. Newspapers tend to be written in simpler language than books and this will also give you some insight into the issues which are important to the country or city. You can read newspapers from all over the world for free at

Use an online translator
One of the frustrations with learning a language is reading something you just can’t work out, or which you don’t have time to translate. Using an online translator, such as Google Translate, can be a lifesaver. Simply type the word or phrase you wish to translate, select whether you wish to translate from English to another language, or from another language to English, and click ‘translate’. To use this service visit

Do you have any other suggestions of free ways to learn a language? Share your expertise in the comments below.