Learning online

There are many benefits of owning a computer, but the depth of knowledge which is available online for anyone to access has to be one of the biggest wonders of the so called digital age. Harnessing the awesome power of this information and using it to educate seniors for a nominal fee is the University of the Third Age Online(U3A).

U3A Online has found a way to cater to older Australians who yearn for further education, yet due to a variety of circumstances, find themselves isolated or without the means to attend universities or classes.

They have designed dozens of fascinating classes catering for the senior specific market, with the short-online courses available to anyone with a computer and basic computer skills. Most importantly, the classes move at the speed of your choosing, meaning you can dictate your online learning experience.

With classes like ‘Kings and Queens of England’, ‘Writing for Pleasure’, ‘My Life Story’, ‘Botany for Knowledge and Enjoyment’ and ‘Astronomy’, you are sure to find a class that piques your interest.

However, taking a closer look at one of U3A’s more applicable classes, Genealogy, it is clear that they are keeping up with current trends and are committed to catering to their market. Due to the natural ageing progression of the Baby-Boomer generation, there has never been a greater interest in Genealogy than there is right now.

The U3A’s term is short, running at only eight units. They provide a helpful list of genealogy websites for you to get started before your first online class, followed by classes which provide information on how to search birth, death and marriage records, census records, specifics such as searching parish records in Australia and the UK and finally how to record and publish your genealogical findings, a memento which will last forever.

For more information click YOURLifeChoices link to U3A Online.