Helping Older Workers

We forwarded subscriber Jeff F’s questions about government incentives for mature age workers to the Minister for Ageing, Senator Santo Santoro.

Jeff F asked the following two questions.

  1. What are the current (Federal/State Government) incentives (in detail) for employers to engage older workers?
  2. What industries (and specific businesses) are most likely to engage older workers?

Here is the Minister’s reply.

The Commonwealth Government provides a range of services to help mature workers hone their qualifications and job-seeking skills, and to encourage employers to consider mature workers when they are looking to recruit staff.

These programs are run under the “Jobwise” banner by my colleague, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations.
Assistance to employers includes access to the Plus40 national employment organisation, support for apprenticeships and training of mature aged staff, and promotion of the benefits of employing older workers. The full details of these and other measures are available on the Jobwise page of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website. This site also has information on the Government’s Mature Age Employment and Workplace Strategy. Go there

Additionally, the Government is highlighting and encouraging the employment of older workers through its sponsorship of the 2006 [email protected] Award , in the category of “employment and inclusion of mature aged workers”. Nominations for the awards will be opened shortly, and I encourage those businesses who actively seek to include older Australians in their workforces to enter the awards.