Extend your use-by date

We commonly hear about the celebrities or public identities who continue to work long into their 60s, 70s and beyond, but what about everyday people? Do they reach 65 and just retire? Of course they don’t. In his ebook, Extending your use-by date, Dr Darryl Dymock looks at the obstacles which stop people from remaining in the work-force and how they can be overcome.

Below are 10 quick ways to start the process.

10 ways to extend your use-by date

  1. Be open-minded and willing to have a go
  2. Build on your strengths, abilities and experience
  3. Accept there will be physiological and cognitive changes as you grow older, but reject the myths and accentuate the positives
  4. Keep learning, and don’t ignore technology
  5. Research and prepare before you make a leap into something new
  6. Be realistic about your job prospects – recognise that any job change can have downsides, and that you may meet age discrimination
  7. Stay connected to professional and social networks; if employed, look for options at your workplace
  8. Consider volunteering, if you don’t want to work or can’t find employment readily
  9. Be proactive in looking after your physical and mental health
  10. Believe in yourself as an older worker.

To download your copy of Extending your use-by date, RRP: $9.99, visit Amazon.com, or any major ebook retailer.

Written by Debbie McTaggart