Can you help Uno?

Currently selling The Big Issue to get by, Uno is a highly qualified 52-year old male, looking for gainful employment. As he’s not afraid of hard work, is there anyone who can help?

My name is Uno. I am Fifty-two years old and currently sell The Big Issue.

I was born in Sweden and moved to Australia in 1997. I am an Australian citizen currently living in Adelaide. Eighteen months ago I lost my wife of ten years and at that stage I asked God to make use of me. She listened and I now enjoy every moment of every day.

My long-term plan is to start a charity and to help people. Whilst I work towards that goal I am prepared to take any job.

My employment history is:

Twenty-five years as an IT Consultant. For the past fifteen years I have worked as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. Other roles include Process Engineer, Risk Manager, Program Manager, Process Improvement, Problem Manager, Team Leader, Systems Analyst, Quality Manager, Process Auditor, Teacher, Test Manager, Use Case and UML expert and methodologist.

I have worked for ten federal departments, five SA departments, Telstra, IBM, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, CAP Gemini and many other organisations, including smaller ones.    

I have worked in the service industry and have a construction engineer education. I have read around 2000 non-fiction books, speak around ten languages and have travelled the world and understand many different cultures.

I always work hard and currently sell The Big Issue to get by. Things started going downhill for me around eight years ago culminating with finding my wife of ten years deceased next to me. Now however I am back stronger and more committed than ever thanks to my wonderful partner to whom I owe everything. I will be a fantastic asset to any company willing to give me a chance.

Jobs I have done include delivering the newspapers, working as a labourer, bricklayer, waiter, head waiter, dishwasher, bouncer, bartender, chief bartender on a cruise ship, carpentry and selling ice-cream. I have done military service, have a white card and drivers license. I have been a foster carer and started up Floorball in both the ACT and in South Australia. I can talk to any person on any level and I understand their culture, history, geography, and politics. I can most likely talk a bit to them in their own language. I have met kings, presidents, and politicians as well as homeless, poor, hungry and lonely. A millionaire that lost it all just to come out stronger more determined than ever with a purpose in life. God Bless you all!

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