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Those of us who find ourselves unemployed at a later stage in our working lives, may find it difficult to get back into the job market but surely there must be business crying out for mature employees with a wide range of life skills?

There are thousands of Bed and Breakfast properties right across Australia,
NZ and elsewhere throughout the world and most of these businesses are small to medium enterprises, owned and operated by couples, with many of them situated in very desirable locations.

As with most small business, many of the operators have difficulty in finding the “right type” of relief managers to look after their businesses in order to take a break, resulting in people not taking breaks, or shutting down their business to enable them to do so. Neither option is ideal, not for the owners nor the business.

Relieving such operators can be challenging, fun and rewarding as well as a
welcome back to do it all again!

What would the “right type” of relief managers be you ask?

Ideally a couple with the maturity and capability of working together,
harmoniously and productively, both fit and healthy and with a track
record of being able to run a household that is clean, comfortable and a
nice place to be in. A couple who would take great pride in presenting
“their” Bed and Breakfast to paying guests in the very best condition
possible and where at least one person has had some business background managing a business would be a bonus but is not essential.

You should enjoy the company of others and enjoy a challenge and be willing
to learn some very well defined skills and procedures. We are not talking about rocket science here, nothing too complicated, but nevertheless exacting in several very important aspects of the business of accommodating and presenting breakfast to Bed and Breakfast guests.

At present, there are no existing opportunities to learn how to become the
“right type” of relief managers in order to break into the business of
relieving Bed and Breakfast owner/operators, no courses, no books, no
material at all! Neither does there seem to exist an agency or business that has Bed and Breakfast relief managers for hire.

This is about to change. If this opportunity has whetted your appetite to find out more, then visit our classified ad for details of an exciting opportunity.

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