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Ageism is illegal in the Australian workplace. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Arming yourself with the facts about your rights in the interview and at work is just one small step you can take on the road to part-time work.

Ageism is illegal but alive and well in many Australian workplaces. The good news is that you can do something about it. You can complain – you don’t need a lawyer, it’s free and there is no time limit. So how does this work?
This is a service provided by the Australian Human rights Commission. Anyone can complain, whether a full-time employee or part-time, casual, contractor – whatever your status if you believe you have been:
· Refused a job
· Dismissed
· Refused a promotion, transfer or benefit
· Given unfair terms of employment
· Refused training
· Refused flexible work arrangements
· Harassed or bullied

Because of age, sex, disability, race, sexual preference, religion, criminal record trade union activity or political opinion.
Such discrimination may not only have occurred in your workplace – it could have occurred in a recruitment or employment office.
So be reassured – the laws are in place and the Australian Human Rights Commission is contactable by phone, SMS, email or fax to help ensure they are being observed.

Support is offered through a process of conciliation. It may also involve an apology, recovery of lost income, more flexible work arrangements or development of training.

Phone: 1300 656 419 (local call) or 02 9284 9888?
E-mail: [email protected]
SMS 0488 744 487 ?
TTY: 1800 620 241 (toll free)?
Fax: 02 9284 9611

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