Man out of work

Julie’s looking for advice on how best to help her 50 something partner back into the workforce

Q. Julie
My partner is 52 and has been out of work for years. He has various capabilities, legal and accounting, professional driving etc. He feels he is discriminated against because of his age, particularly as staff in employment agencies are usually very young! How can he get work? Do you have any suggestions?

A. Our HR guru Gary suggests that it may be time for your partner to visit a career counsellor and work out what he wants to do with his remaining work life and how to go about achieving this. A career counsellor will charge between $100 and $150 but this is an investment in your future. Too often recruiters do not “get” what senior applicants have to offer. It is worthwhile learning how best to present your skills and experience to maximise your chance of getting a job. For more details contact the Australian Association of Career Counsellors via their website,

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