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For a prospective employer, wading through numerous badly written CVs can be soul destroying. Put yourself on the top of the yes pile with a well structured, relevant CV.

Depending on your field of work, your CV can be incredibly detailed or simply a brief overview of what you have done. The key is to be organised. Gather all the information you need before you start. For example, education details, courses attended, previous employers and achievements. As well as outlining your work history, your CV should allude to the type of person you are, nothing as cheesy as what books and movies you like but a little about your personal goals and interests gives a good balance.

Keeping the structure simple is the most effective way of catching a potential employer’s eye. Key information, such as name, address and contact details should be displayed clearly at the beginning of your CV. Also, keep it short but relevant. Ideally, CVs should be no more than two pages long. You may find this difficult if you have an expansive career in your given field but highlight only key information that will interest employers. Additional information can be given in a brief cover letter and remember, you’ll want to hold something back for your interview.

If you still need some inspiration, there are many websites which offer free CV templates but beware, some will try to get you to pay for the finished article in the long run. For handy tips and templates, try

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