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Having studied for years and then gained experience in your chosen field, it seems a shame to let all that knowledge go to waste. There may be ways to use your skills to earn money.

You may not have thought about earning money from passing on the knowledge and skills that you have acquired over the years but this can be a lucrative exercise if you know how.

There is a growing call for tutors and whether you can assist younger children, high school students or even those who need a little extra help with university course work, mentoring a student can be more than just financially rewarding. You can simply pop ads in the local press, community notice boards and contact locals schools or you can apply for actual jobs via agencies. Some agencies do charge for registering so it’s worthwhile checking if you get your money back if no work is forthcoming.

Due to changes in the law, you may also need a Working With Children Check (in Victoria, there will be similar in other states) and it’s worthwhile getting this done before you start looking for work.

Find out how to be a tutor.

Thesis editing
By the time a student has come to the end of writing a thesis, the last thing they want to undertake is the final editing. Students who do not have English as a first language, may also struggle with this process. If you have an excellent grasp of grammar and an understanding of editing processes, then you can make money by helping out with this process.

There are agencies who carry out this work for a fee and you may consider registering with one of these if you have the necessary academic qualifications. However, sometimes all that is needed is an understanding of the written word. If you think that you have the necessary skills to be able to assist students, then you should contact your local college or university and ask to be put on their list of potential thesis editors or post a notice on the student notice boards offering your services.

Find contact details of universities in your area, visit Universities Australia.

Typing and transcription services
If you didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of academia but are a wiz with a typewriter, then why not consider offering your secretarial services to those less practiced.

There are many people who would love to write a book, or specialist paper but simply lack keyboard skills. An ad in your local paper, library or college will let people know you’re ready, willing and able

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