Being good at your job won't stop age discrimination

Research reveals how and why managers generally mark down older job applicants.

The fashion giants guilty of ‘living wage’ shame

Oxfam report names and shames the leading retailers failing to provide a living wage.

Women earning $25,000 less than men

Half of all employers are refusing to take action, says report.

Older Australian women need help to combat poverty, homelessness

The facts are stark, but little is being done to assist our most vulnerable group.

One Nation accused of throwing older workers under a bus

Government's controversial JobMaker legislation passes, putting older workers at risk.

Government announces Christmas cut to income support payments

JobSeeker coronavirus supplement to be extended into next year, but at a reduced rate.

Report tells why ageing populations are an asset

Experts say health means wealth for older people and global economies.

Basic income proposal seeks to ease post-pandemic poverty

Researchers say strategy could ease post-pandemic poverty.

Dementia risk increases with certain types of work

Men in jobs with hard physical work have a higher risk of developing dementia.

Youth subsidy JobMaker claiming the jobs of older Australians

Youth employment subsidy may cause significant collateral damage.

Older workers could be the key to COVID recovery

Older workers may be the key, but so far, schemes to help them have "utterly failed".

Pandemic hits older Australians’ finances, job prospects hardest

Job prospects, finances and confidence lower for senior cohort, surveys find.

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