Best jobs in the world

These five people think that they have the best job in the world.

Best jobs in the world

Sleeping, drinking champagne, eating chocolate, riding waterslides and just having fun – are these the five best jobs in the world?

1.     Professional sleeper

Last year Hotel Finn in Helsinki, Finland advertised for a 'professional sleeper', looking for someone to spend 35 days testing out their beds. The job ad called for a “dynamic person to write a quality blog” about their daily experiences at the hotel.

NASA also called for volunteers to take part in a study to research the effects of microgravity on the human body, offering a salary of around AU $20,000. Applicants were not required to do anything except stay in bed.

2.     Champagne taster

Olivier Krug makes it his business to sample champagne for a living. Literally. He runs the House of Krug, a business that understands that “the essence of Champagne is pleasure itself”. To that end, Krug travels the world, supervises the grape harvest, and drinks a lot of champagne. After the champagne is produced, Krug oversees the tasting committee, which tries thousands of wines to check if they are up to scratch.

3.     Chocolate taster

Cadbury's dedicated chocolate taster, Angus Kennedy from the UK was offered an annual salary of around AU $55,000 to test out everything from cocoa-covered ants to aphrodisiac lollipops. Sadly, Kennedy was forced to quit his dream job after he put on 12 kilograms and his cholesterol level got dangerously high.

4.     Waterslide tester

Tommy Lynch got his dream job – testing waterslides all over the world. Lynch, a self-confessed fun-junkie, was paid more than AU $56,000 on a six-month contract to travel all over the world, riding and rating the company First Choice’s waterslides, in exotic locations such as Majorca, Turkey and Egypt.

 5.     Chief funster

Andrew Smith is NSW’s Chief Funster, and his job description involves proving that New South Wales is the most fun place in the world. He has six months to take part in 802,000 moments of fun (one for each square kilometre of the state), reviewing festivals, events and being a Sydney VIP.

Read more at The Telegraph.

What do you think? Have you got the best job in the world or know someone who has? Would you take on one of these unorthodox jobs or do you prefer the daily grind? Tell us about it in the comments.


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    14th Nov 2014
    My job was much better.

    I used to skipper a day trip cruise boat, running out to the great barrier reef in the Whitsundays.
    14th Nov 2014
    Then I saw the Russian Navy one day out there ? And never went back again !!
    14th Nov 2014
    I feel sorry for Angus Kennedy !!
    Polly Esther
    14th Nov 2014
    'Bob a Job'
    Them were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end.
    14th Nov 2014
    Thank God they did !
    I thought Id never Mend !!
    Young Simmo
    14th Nov 2014
    The Prime Minister has the best job.
    Enormous Salary.
    Incredibly kind and generous conditions.
    And the only thing he uses is his mouth, to eat the Scones Jam and Cream on the Million Dollar joy rides on our plane.
    14th Nov 2014
    I would do those jobs, sounds like a hoot.
    But then looking after my husband and parents, and occasionally the grandkids, can be just as much fun. we went rock climbing at Mt Kaputar for my husbands 64th birthday, grandsons 7th and granddaughters 1st... we can still get to the top, was fun.
    14th Nov 2014
    No wonder My Television Reception went Queer !! Don't let the Kids Swing on the Television Tower up there next Time !! Or was it all of You ??
    14th Nov 2014
    No Parti it was a big blg bald eagle I was watching from my Lounge room too tired to climb
    14th Nov 2014
    Obama must have sent that Creature over to Scout around for Him before Touch Down ??
    15th Nov 2014
    I think the best job you can have is getting paid to do something you normally would do and love doing. But then some say if you do too much of a good thing it too becomes work. Balance is the key I think. Instead of having 40 hour week in the same job it would be better for everyone if we had jobs that don't take up so much of our time and energy. Maybe even have 2 shorter jobs say 20 hours in each then you don't get bored with the same one. The options are limited especially when many cannot even get one job let alone the one we like.
    16th Nov 2014
    How True !!

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