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Middle-aged Australians struggle to claw back their careers after COVID-19

Experienced older Australians finding job opportunities are drying up.

Clichés you should never have on your CV

Top tips from employment experts.

Why you should age-proof your resume

If you're applying for a job, some simple changes to your resume may help you avoid becoming a

Know your rights

The process of planning for retirement can be a far from simple process.

Your rights in the workplace

Your rights and entitlements and how to stay relevant as a mature Australian worker

Call to remove barriers to working after 60

A lack of jobs for older workers is not the main obstacle for those willing to work later in

Creating your dream job

Susan Moir shares how to negotiate a more flexible role when work starts taking over.

Creating a winning CV

For most people creating a professional and engaging résumé is something akin to being asked

What Next Your Career Change Companion - New Tricks

Old stereotypes die hard. And none die harder than the cliché of the old fogey worker.

Combating age based bullying

The Career Doctor, Susan Moir, provides practical steps for combating age-based bullying in

Creating a great résumé

Most of us hate the thought of selling ourselves but a strong résumé is often the

Handling job interviews

It’s hard to sell yourself one on one. But there are some rock solid tips to help you

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