Sydney named world’s tenth-worst city

The annual Time Out Index has delivered the ultimate insult to Sydney.

Sydney named world’s tenth-worst city

Here’s the full list of 48 cities:

1. New York

2. Melbourne

3. Chicago

4. London

5. Los Angeles

6. Montreal

7. Berlin

8. Glasgow

9. Paris

10. Tokyo

11. Madrid

12. Cape Town

13. Las Vegas

14. Mexico City

15. Manchester

16. Philadelphia

17. Barcelona

18. Buenos Aires

19. Lisbon

20. Washington D.C.

21. Tel Aviv

22. Mumbai

23. Toronto

24. Birmingham

25. Dublin

26. São Paulo

27. Miami

28. Porto

29. Singapore

30. Edinburgh

31. San Francisco

32. Dubai

33. Munich

34. Vienna

35. Shanghai

36. Moscow

37. Delhi

38. Seattle

39. Sydney

40. Abu Dhabi

41. Hong Kong

42. Boston

43. Rio de Janeiro

44. Marseilles

45. Bangkok

46. Kuala Lumpur

47. Beijing

48. Istanbul

Do you think these rankings are fair? Can you believe that Sydney has worse nightlife than countries such as Delhi or Istanbul? Why do you think Sydney scored so low?


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    30th Mar 2019
    So here we go again.
    Lock out laws? Why do you think we have lock out laws. Its about young men killing each other in the streets when they get tanked and I fail to see this article as the next push to go back to the past.
    Sydney is not a backward city but like the rest of the country foreigners who come here and are fleeced go home and pass the bad news. A few years ago we had good friends from America visit us and the stories they told us of visiting the Great Barrier Reef left me ashamed. Not only did they pay a fortune for the experience but the dilapidated state of the reef meant that they saw little of value. Of course the degradation of the reef in favour of (short term) coal mining is more relevant to the current government funded by dirty coal money so the reef can die.
    The issue is not about Sydney. Its about Australia and greedy unscrupulous tourism operators who are destroying the industry with their behaviour.
    Lets put the blame where it belongs. WE DO NOT NEED TO TAMPER WITH LOCK OUT LAWS just like we do not need to allow private homes to be rented on Airbnb for parties. Both are abhorrent!

    30th Mar 2019
    Utter hogwash! Whoever put Mumbai at #22 most probably has never been there. My home town is Zurich and that did not even get a mention. Sydney people should just treat that survey as the rubbish it is.
    30th Mar 2019
    Sydney is just another over crowded dump full of foreign faces , loved the place once but it is on our no go list.Sydney is on track to being a over crowded slum requiring quality not quantity.
    30th Mar 2019
    What a load of rubbish! How can Delhi rate higher than Sydney? Delhi is one of the most polluted, overcrowded and dirty cities in the world. This surveys utter nonsense
    30th Mar 2019
    Time Out has just confirmed that's it's surveys are rubbish - never depend on them!
    Sydney should be higher than Melbourne (with it's gangs problem and weak police likely to get you any time)! However, that's not the main issue. We Aussies don't mind Melbourne compared to some of the others below.

    It's clearly a pommie-influenced survey mainly London and USA-centric. To put Chicago, the city with a high level of gun crime esp. murders near the top, as well as LA for the same issues, Tel Aviv (can you keep your head down when soldiers engage with terrorists?), Mumbai (where the slums fight for your attention competing with insane traffic), and Delhi (the smog capital of the world) all these above Sydney??????? Clearly insane survey!

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