An Australian airline named world’s cheapest

Flights in Australia can be expensive. Not so with this world’s cheapest airline.

An Australian airline named world’s cheapest

Results of the 2018 Global Flight Price Ranking are in; and an Australian airline tops the list.

Flights within and outside of Australia can be pretty expensive, but not so with this Aussie airline, which has just been named the world’s cheapest.

Travel gurus Rome2Rio analysed 50 carriers, calculating the price per kilometre in US dollars based on economy class airfares displayed in January and February this year.

At a cost of just $US0.06/km ($A0.08/km), Australia’s Tigerair topped the list, followed by AirAsia X, Indonesia AirAsia, Jetstar and Etihad.

The most expensive Australian airline was Regional Express (Rex) at $US0.59/km ($A0.78/km), while Qantas was at $US0.15/km ($A0.20/km).

Rounding out the top 10 are Citilink Indonesia, WOW air, Oman Air, Lion Mentari Airlines and Ryanair, all coming in at $US0.10/km.

As far as the cheapest countries in which to fly, Chile topped the list at an average cost of $US0.11/km ($A0.15/km), with Indonesia, Turkey, India and Bulgaria filling out the top five.

Have you ever flown with Tiger Air? Is cheapest always best?



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    26th May 2018
    What a ridiculous article who are you trying to kid?
    You article could have some, not so flight wise, older people rushing for a cheap flight with one of these discount carriers!
    All articles should have at least a footnote to say that most of these carriers do NOT have checked baggage and you pay EXTRA plus you pay for obligated refreshments ashish are not cheap.
    Will you people do some research before writing rubbish like this? And please NOTE JETSTAR was named Australia's worst airline by CHOICE.
    This article does more harm than good for seniors who are not in the know, you could literally ruin a person's holiday with this article.
    26th May 2018
    HDRider, I totally agree with you.

    Me, I'd rather use a full-service airline then there's no nasty surprises when you get to the airport to check-in your luggage, and you don't have to pay for anything on board, either.

    Most airlines publish the maximum luggage allowances on their websites these days, so that you can know before you leave what the allowance you have for your flight.

    I've yet to find another airline that has a number of bags/total weight concept these days other than BA. Most have a maximum amount, but no restriction on the number of bags.

    Economy 1 x 23kg
    Premium 2 x 23kg (46kg)
    Business 2 x 32kg (64kg)
    First 3 x 32kg (96kg)

    Economy 30kg
    Premium 35kg
    Business 40kg
    First 50kg

    If you're doing any air travel, ALWAYS do your research first!
    26th May 2018
    PS in both Business & First class, you get your own seat and there's nobody to climb over you or any children to kick your seat when you recline, or restrict you when you want to sleep in a flat bed :)
    26th May 2018
    I have flown with Tiger air and compared to Jetstar their much better.
    also while we're on the subject the last flight I took the seat in front was layed back the whole trip,"I'm tall, hence the belly aching, or in this case the knees', so why do airlines have reclining seats, when there is nowhere for them to recline ?
    also had a couple of kiddiewinks behind me who thought kicking the back of my seat was the way to go, blame the parents, after all the little darlings were just expressing themselves.
    26th May 2018
    Tiger has had some terrible terrible Press over the years. We will likely never fly with them and the question arises why would you if the difference less than $100.
    26th May 2018
    I too have flown with Tiger Air, admittedly in the earlier days and was not at all impressed - I would not fly with them again unless I could be totally convinced they have changed greatly
    26th May 2018
    I thought Tigerair were the most complained about airline. May be cheap but at what cost?
    26th May 2018
    Blame the liberal party Mick its there fault comrade

    26th May 2018
    Tiger airlines are not a problem for me and always on time and I find quite easy to book and cheaper than some of the others.
    6th Aug 2018
    I once flew Tiger Air Sydney to Melbourne - it was certainly a memorable experience because the rows of seats were so close together that when the passenger in front of me laid his seat back I literally had to stand up. Evidently their aircraft are bought second hand after having flown domestic routes in Asia so the seat spacing is designed to suit Asian frames, not 6'1" Aussies.

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