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Discover the world’s safest and most dangerous countries.

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Each year, the Global Peace Index ranks the world’s safest and most dangerous countries and, this year, Australia has dropped in the rankings, losing our ‘very high’ peaceful rating.

The 10th edition of the global snapshot, conducted by The Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP), has revealed – perhaps unsurprisingly – that the world has become more dangerous over the past year. It’s little wonder, with conflicts raging in the Middle East and Africa, and the constant threat of terrorism across the globe.

But what is perhaps most surprising is that Australia is being seen as less safe than last year, dropping from the 10th most peaceful country in the world, with a ‘very high’ peaceful rating, down to the 15th most peaceful with a ‘high’ state of peace. We shouldn’t feel too bad about it, though – after all, ranking 15th out of 163 countries is nothing at which to scoff.

Iceland has, for the sixth year in a row, been rated the most peaceful country in the world. Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Portugal make up the top five safest countries.

It probably won’t raise any eyebrows to learn that Syria has been rated the world’s most dangerous country, considering it is being devastated by the deadliest civil war seen in this millennia. The rest of the top five most dangerous countries are South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Even though terror activities mainly occur in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, only 23 per cent of ranked countries did not experience a terrorist incident last year.

Europe was once again rated as the most peaceful region in the world, although its score was affected by the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

The report also showed that the number of refugees and displaced persons has doubled since 2007 to approximately 60 million people – almost one per cent of the world’s population.


Would these rankings prevent you from travelling to any of these countries? Do you think Australia has become more violent during the past year?



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    19th Sep 2016
    Thanks for the tip -I am definitely rethinking my family trip to Syria!!!
    Easy Rider
    19th Sep 2016
    That's interesting.....Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan etc. Can anyone see any similarities there other than that they are the most dangerous countries on earth? Also Australia has dropped from 10th to 15th position. Any ideas as to what has caused this????
    19th Sep 2016
    Yes, agree with you there Easy Rider.
    19th Sep 2016
    It's ideology I think sometimes masked as a region...
    19th Sep 2016
    The problem might be that people from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Etc. have all moved here and that goes for Both of your Nigeria's :-) And disliked it so much here that they are changing our ways to the Hellholes they left !! And in no time now we will have a Peaceful Caliphate :-) :-)
    19th Sep 2016
    why is it so clear to us but not our "leaders"
    8th Nov 2017
    yes very good question?
    Easy Rider
    19th Sep 2016
    The problem is that as more people that arrive here from muslim dominated countries, they begin to form "blocks," then are elected to local organizations such as town councils. From there they go on to state and federal politics with the support of leftists and other muslims. Once in positions of power, they work at changing government policies to favor their own agendas. Their main agenda is to allow more and more muslims into the country which strengthens their positions and power. One only has to observe muslim dominated countries around the world to see what would be the outcome if huge numbers were permitted into Australia. re....Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Europe and the UK where the mayor of London is a muslim and PM Teresa May is a islam sympathizer.
    19th Sep 2016
    Quite So Easy Rider,
    People are beginning to 'observe' hence the thousands of votes Pauline's 'One Nation Party' got at the last election.
    I hope she's given a chance to prove her other Part Lines. Unfortunately many only see her for her stance on migration; when one reads the policies of the One Nation Party there is much going for it. If you feel inclined log on to this site.
    19th Sep 2016
    Easy Rider !! Go on to another Site like Twitter Ect. Where they are not Dumbed down like our Media, and have a look at what that Clown of a Muslim Lord Mayor of London said in America !!
    19th Sep 2016
    Yes Easy Rider I can see the similarities there & you are right about the way they infiltrate Gov. etc. It's amazing how they are 2.8% of our population but receive some much attention from media etc. & everyone bends over backwards so as not to offend them but they can call us anything. Also experts at exploiting the could that child minding centre get away with defrauding the Government of $22 million. Will we ever hear if any of this money is recoverd or has it already gone to the Middle East?
    19th Sep 2016
    All I would note is that statistics can be read in many ways. I'd not lose sleep over this matter. cheers
    10th Oct 2016
    all i know is i won't be going overseas any time too soon, and won't be voting in anybody i'm not impressed with!!!
    Yer man
    17th Jul 2017
    Can't understand why people from strife torn countries who come to Australia and try to change us. We accept them but some of them bring their baggage with them . I brought my family here from N Ireland over 40 yrs. ago and still have not forgotten or forgiven a former lord mayor of Brisbane who gave Jerry Adams the keys to the city. I left all that garbage behind me.
    18th Jan 2020
    Wow, such hateful comments.

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