7th May 2012
Young women are too fussy
Author: Ged McMahon
Catholic Church, man drought, de facto, marriage, young women, Australia

The Catholic Church has made headlines this morning after claiming that young women are too ‘choosy’ when it comes to finding the right man and could completely miss out on marital bliss due to a current man drought.

Fr Tony Kerin, the Episcopal Vicar for Justice and Social Service in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, thinks that many women are “setting aside their [marriage] aspirations for later, but by the time they get around to it, they’ve missed their chance. In trying to have it all, they end up missing out”.

Fr Kerin also questioned the success of couples living together before marriage. A view supported by MP Kevin Andrews, the Opposition Spokesman for Families, who said “about half of people co-habiting go on to marry the person they are living with and the other half separate”.

Reports suggest that there are ‘substantially less’ well-off young Australian men than women in the 25 to 34 age category.

Is there a man drought for young women in Australia? Are young women too fussy when choosing a potential husband? Does a de facto relationship jeopardise a happy marriage in the future? Read Ged’s view on the story.

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Catholic Church claims women should marry earlier and not be too picky to avoid the Australian man drought


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    7th May 2012
    Why is this article on your site for people in 50's +??
    I don't read this site for "the news" or what you consider news. I read it for information and stories that are relevant to me. Please stay on track people. Most of us can get this sort of info from the general media.
    7th May 2012
    And anyway why should the church be involved?
    7th May 2012
    Of course the Catholic Church disapproves of de facto relationships, since it is against all their teachings! However, to those of us who married in haste without testing the waters and lived to regret it, a de facto trial may have highlighted for us the mistakes we were making. It is far better to go without than to marry without knowing your partner well, and as for being too fussy-that is ludicrous! But of course, since the Catholic clergy are all unmarried, what expertise would they have on this topic?
    8th May 2012
    I say thank goodness they are fussy. What utter nonsense suggesting you lower your expectations just so you can get married. That goes for either sex. This needs to be put with the rest of the madness in the world.
    10th May 2012
    Well said JJ, agree with every word. You put it in a nutshell in your last statement - what the #*!# do celibate men know about couples?

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