Your aged care options

Morrie knows his mother needs more care to help her remain at home as she gets older.

Your aged care options, aged care

Morrie knows his mother needs more care to help her remain at home as she gets older, but he’s unsure how to go about getting assistance and what she may require in the longer term.

Q. Morrie

My mother is starting to struggle with the simple things at home, such as making her meals, keeping the house tidy and some aspects of her personal care. I try to do what I can but she needs more than me popping in and out when I’m free, however, I simply don’t know where to start. Also, I know it’s only a matter of time before she needs more than at-home care, but I’ve heard such horror stories about trying to find an aged care place, what it costs, etc, that it’s starting to give me sleepless nights. How can I get her the help she needs, now and in the future?

A. Working out the right level of care for a loved one is often best left to the professionals, but that doesn’t mean you should adopt a ‘hands off’ approach. YOURLifeChoices has an informative, easy to understand PDF, Your Aged Care Options, which will help you to arrange aged care assessments, understand what services are available and give you an indication of what it all costs. You can download your copy here.


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    24th Apr 2014
    Local councils are good place to start, but then follow through at same time with an acas assessment (they offer packages for the person to stay at home by providing more services than local councils). On the website above it will explain all about it. Excellent service.
    25th Apr 2014
    There are plenty of options to assist aged people remains their home, ACAT (aged care assessments team) can assess, visit the home, local g.p. would be helpful, as well there are non government organizations that can put care packages together, especially for Gold Card pensioners. The question to ask is, how does the aged person feel about outside support, some elderly folk are resistive and dislike Care Workers etc. coming into the home?
    25th Apr 2014
    Talk to your dear mother about what SHE would like to have help with. That may give you an insight into how to approach the wonderful ACAT service recommendations. And also, as already commented, the local council may be able o assist in small ways. There are also private options for cleaning etc. Good luck!