Top 10 reasons to visit WA

If these 10 terrific reasons to visit Western Australia don’t tempt you, then maybe the offer of free return airfares – included in selected AAT Kings’ WA holiday packages – will. 

1. Delight your taste buds in Margaret River
One of Australia’s premier wine-producing regions is also home to some of the finest fresh produce and gourmet food. The wineries in the region are all set in picturesque forests of karri trees, Margaret River wines will happily sit on the top shelf at international wine-tasting events and the local food is also sure to delight.

2. Experience mother nature’s mystery
See the mysterious Pink Lake and travel through Ravensthorpe and the Fitzgerald Biosphere to Bluff Knoll Lookout to witness the rugged beauty of the Stirling Range National Park. The salt lake, about three kilometres west of Esperance, is not always pink and changes colour throughout the year, but it is always visually stunning.

If you end up solving the mystery of the Pink Lake’s palette, why not head to see the Pinnacles for some more detective work? There is no conclusive theory on how this series of intriguing limestone formations at Nambung National Park were created.

3. Delve into aboriginal culture in the Kimberley
Up in the far north of the state, there is a rich history of indigenous culture. Out from Halls Creek you can visit the wonderful Laari Gallery belonging to the Yiyili indigenous community and meet with some of the locals. The perfect way to follow this up is with a trip to the Louisa Downs cattle property, which is owned and operated by the indigenous community.

4. Swim with whale sharks on the Ningaloo Coast
Whale sharks are the largest fish species in the world and if you have never seen these wonderful creatures before, there is no better way to experience them than up close, swimming alongside them. The Ningaloo Reef provides one of the few opportunities anywhere in the world where you can do this, and you can also take in the beautiful reef, which is the closest a reef is located close to a landmass.

5. Experience the white beaches of Esperance
The Cape Le Grand National Park in Esperance offers neverending wonders and spectacular sights. The beaches of Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay, Hellfire Bay, Le Grande Beach and Thistle Cove are all contained within the park and they offer some of the whitest beaches and relaxing spots to soak up the sun. The park is also available for fishing, off-roading and hiking.

6. Sample local beers
Fremantle’s famous market place is a must, but once you have worked up a thirst, a trip to the Little Creatures Brewery should be on the cards. Established in 2000, the name of the brewery is inspired by the Talking Heads album. The venue originally housed some of the yachts that raced in the 1987 America’s Cup, so you can take in a little bit of history while enjoying a relaxing pale ale or two.

7. Relax at Rottnest Island
Just 19km from the mainland, Rottnest Island is an A-class nature reserve, completely free of cars and the hustle and bustle that can make some holidays seem like work. One of the few places where you can witness adorable quokkas in their natural habitat, it is also the perfect place to unwind on a day trip.

8. Meet friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia
Since local fishermen befriended dolphins at Monkey Mia 50 years ago, the aquatic mammals have continued to hang around the beach, located 900km north of Perth.

It is now one of a handful of beaches where humans can swim and play with dolphins. The dolphins swim to the shore almost daily and interact with humans of their own free will in a controlled environment – being closely monitored to ensure their health and wellbeing. Interacting with one of nature’s most intelligent creatures is an experience to treasure for life.

9. Walk tall in the Valley of the Giants
Deep in the heart of the Walpole Wilderness is the Valley of the Giants Tree Top walk. This amazing tourism attraction invites you to experience walking 40m above the ground through the tingle forest canopy. The 600m walk is fully accessible by wheelchair and the walk links to the Ancient Empire, where an interpretative trail meanders across the forest floor in between 400-year-old red tingle trees. The trail follows the story of the lost era of Gondwana.

10. See the amazing wildflowers
WA is home to the world’s largest collection of wildflowers, with more than 12,000 species gracing the enormous expanse of land. Around 60 per cent of those species are found nowhere else. One of the best places to see as many wildflowers as possible is the Kings Park Botanic Garden in Perth, which blooms into life every September. Alternatively, you can head to the state’s north-west where the contrast between the vibrant floral shades and the dusty red earth is simply breathtaking.

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