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Queensland Budget tackles cost of living and healthcare

In good news for older Australians, healthcare and cost-of-living relief are the winners in the Queensland budget announced yesterday, but it will come at...


Should airlines go child free?

Would you pay for a child-free flight? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. Escape recently surveyed its readers and found more...

What are the best travel gadgets for 2024?

Travelling is fun, or at least it should be. But sometimes it's the little conveniences that can make all the difference. Here we list...
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Budget a good start, but can go further says National Seniors

Chris Grice, National Seniors' CEO, is back on the podcast this week to give his take on the 2024 federal Budget and what it means for you.

Super returns stabilise in May

After rocky results in April, super returns stabilised in May and should end the financial year in the black.

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Are data breaches the new normal?

It feels like a data breach is in the news every single week. Here’s why you should guard your personal information more jealously than ever.
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Health & Wellness

Should water standards change to protect our health from forever chemicals?

Should Australian authorities follow the US lead and impose lower limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in our drinking water?

Lewy body dementia and its prognosis

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, but there are many others, including the life-ending Lewy body dementia.

Lifetime costs on the rise, says Zurich

We've heard the term 'cost of living' ad nauseam in recent years, but should we be more focused on the longer term and 'lifetime costs'?

Too many Australians are waiting for a home care package. Here’s how to fix the delays

Waiting lists for older people who need home care have blown out again. Twice as many people are now waiting for a Commonwealth Home...

Health insurance overhaul needed, advocates say

National Seniors is calling on the government to launch an inquiry into the health insurance industry, with a view to reforming it.