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Podcast: Positives and pitfalls of being an older driver

One of the hallmarks of independence, particularly as you get older, is holding a drivers license and being able to drive your own car....


Reward yourself with the Viking difference

SPONSORED CONTENT A Viking voyage is just as much about what is left out as what is included. Rather than try to be all things to...

Why midlife travel is the best of my life

Kate Christie explains how and why she is enjoying travelling in her 50s, and how you can too.
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Stay warm with these winter specials

Back in my young days, my wife and I would visit her grandparents often. One thing we could never get over was their lounge...

Aldi has cheapest groceries in Australia, CHOICE finds

As the cost-of-living bites, you want to know you're getting the best deal. Consumer group CHOICES has found Aldi has the lowest groceries.

Tech and Gadgets

Should I get a Wi-Fi extender or use mesh Wi-Fi?

Got an internet black spot at home? A Wi-Fi extender can help, or maybe a shift to a mesh Wi-Fi system. Which one is better?
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Health & Wellness

Aged care fees reviewed

Carers of those in aged care may have noticed they were unable to lodge care recipient events after 3pm yesterday. This is because Services...

Viagra may protect against vascular dementia, research finds

It shouldn’t be embarrassing for a man to have to head into a pharmacy to have a Viagra prescription filled. Erectile dysfunction affects many...

Simple blood test could spot recurring cancer earlier

A team of researchers has demonstrated an AI-driven test that can predict recurring cancer much earlier than standard methods.

Why do I poo in the morning? A gut expert explains

Your biology really is telling you to poo in the morning. And yes, your coffee is partly to blame.

It’s not too late to fight winter flu – especially if you have asthma

As the colder weather sets in, the National Asthma Council Australia (NACA) has issued a checklist to help asthmatics to stay well this winter. Mostly...