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Ozempic linked to blindness by researchers

‘If you don’t stop it, you’ll go blind’ is a well-worn phrase used to warn against certain autoerotic activities. For as long as I...


What is ‘raw-dogging’ on flights and would you try it?

Imagine the scenario: you’ve boarded an eight-hour flight and buckled up to discover the in-flight entertainment is bust, you’ve forgotten to pre-order a veggie...

The best of Italy and France – from the perspective of a Princess 

God, I love a road trip. Give me a car, a long road, a great soundtrack and a pack of lollies and I am...
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What is the DMO and how does it work?

If you haven’t renegotiated cheaper electricity prices in the past 12 months, chances are high you’re paying way too much for power. Power prices keep...

Super funds bounce back after slow start to the year

Market analysts report median balanced option super funds performed well for June after falls at the start of the year.

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Injectables for high blood pressure could mean no more daily pills

Daily blood pressure medication could be a thing of the past after the development of new injectables that can control hypertension.

Brain health saved by intense exercise – study

There’s an old adage that many a personal trainer loves to recite: ‘Use it or lose it’. And few would disagree that they are...

Australia facing another elective surgery waitlist blowout

Doctors in several states are warning elective surgery waitlists in public hospitals could blowout again, much like we saw in the darkest days of...

Friendships between teens and older Australians key to happiness in aged care

Lively, funny, cheeky, silly, understanding, knowledgeable and completely nutty. That's how a group of aged care residents in Adelaide's north think a group of local...

One-minute heart rate test can predict risk of cardiac arrest

Knowing your heart attack risk ahead of time could be a literal lifesaver, and now this simple test could reveal your risk in one minute.