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Great deals for those staying home or going away

Whether you’re looking to get away or stay home and restock the pantry, there are some great deals to be found this week.


Two Australian nudist beaches named amongst the world’s best

For people who like to let their bits hang free, you will be pleased to know two Australian beaches have made it into the...

Six of the best winter wonders in Australia

It’s winter in Australia and that means half the population has been to Queensland or is on their way there. But what if you want...
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AustralianSuper accused of greenwashing ‘ethical’ investment

Australia's largest superannuation fund has been accused of greenwashing after fossil fuel investments were found in their 'ethical' option.

Reverse mortgages making a comeback

Recent figures show reverse mortgages are becoming more popular with older Australians but there are still some risks about the products.

Tech and Gadgets

Telstra fined $1.5m for leaving customers vulnerable to scams

Telstra has copped a $1.5 million fine for leaving customers open to fraud and scam attempts. An investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority...
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Health & Wellness

Peanut allergy trial could be a gamechanger

As a youngster I knew nothing of what a peanut allergy was. However, I was an avid reader of Charles M Schulz’s comic strip...

We have too few aged care workers. Why? And what can we do about it?

Hal Swerissen, La Trobe University In a country like Australia, we all expect that when we get old, we’ll be able to rely on a...

Low vaccination rates put older Aussies at risk

While there are many inequalities across western society, one thing Australians can claim is a relatively equitable health system. Yes, there are undoubtedly differences...

Almost 50 per cent of cancers are due to lifestyle, study finds

No one wants cancer, but a recent US study has found we could cut cancer incidence by close to half by eliminating seven lifestyle...

Some pathology companies rorted Medicare during COVID pandemic

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show some pathology companies made potentially "opportunistic" claims to bill extra tests to Medicare during the pandemic.