You can now Airbnb an island


Do you walk around naked at home? Do you ever long for the serenity of being far, far away from modern society? Is Richard Branson your idol?


If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, Airbnb may have the ideal solution for you.


While having your own private island may seem like a distant dream, available only to the rich and famous, we’re here to say it isn’t so. Airbnb, facilitator of dream accommodation (not always, we hasten to add) actually extends to islands. Even better, the listings of these private islands are not as expensive as you might imagine they would be.



Take Bird Island (possibly named for its feathered friends, as, by definition, a private island has no other human friends) off the coast of Belize. For a mere $533 per night, you can have the whole island to yourself. Of course, should you feel generous and wish to invite some friends – it is an island, after all – this cost only gets lower.


A short 20-minute boat ride from the mainland – included in the price, alongside a well-stocked kitchen, two kayaks, a BBQ, local phone, wifi, TV, sundeck and, of course, a lookout tower. The flights from Australia are sadly not included.


See the listing for yourself at Airbnb. Would you book a private island for a holiday? What’s the best place you’ve ever stayed while away?


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