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Use your super wisely

While it’s never too early to plan for retirement, you shouldn’t be put off if you’re starting a little later than you’d prefer and don’t have much of a super balance with which to work. Independent financial advice can help you make the most of what little retirement funding you have; you just have to find the right planner to suit your needs. Visit

Should you consider a self-managed super fund (SMSF)?
Costs vary for a SMSF and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) recommends a minimum balance of $200,000 for a fund to be cost effective. However, you can start a SMSF with as little as $100,000, as long as you have access to funds to increase the fund balance within a short period of time.

Managing your own super fund may well give you control and financial freedom to achieve your retirement funding goals, but it is onerous; there are risks involved and you need to be sure to meet and follow strict guidelines. It’s important that you have a good level of financial literacy and it’s definitely worthwhile considering a suitable education program before making any commitment. For more details, or to work out if an SMSF really is the best for you, visit

Find your lost super
With more than $16 billion in unclaimed super looking for a home, Australians are losing out. You may think you know where all your superannuation is, but it is possible to lose track of where your superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) went, especially if you’ve had a few employers. Finding your missing super via the ATO’s SuperSeeker may give your retirement savings the boost they need. Visit

Accessing your super early
Strict rules apply to accessing superannuation benefits and before doing so members are required to satisfy a Condition of Release. One of the possible situations when early release of super (prior to age 65), is granted is Severe Financial Hardship.

While we hope that we never need to access funds for this reason, situations out of our control such as drought and other natural disasters, loss of employment, unexpected health or family issues can lead to financial hardship. Find out more information regarding the early release of benefits due to Severe Financial Hardship.

Are you money smart?

Are you money smart?

MoneySmart’s Money Health Check will help you highlight the areas which need urgent attention

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An adequate retirement income

An adequate retirement income

Yesterday’s National Reform Summit seeks a sustainable retirement system.

Pension gap widens

Pension gap widens

Pension changes place further pressure on Australian retirees.

$1m retirement income mumbo jumbo

$1m retirement income mumbo jumbo

A paper has debunked claims that a $1m super balance is the only way ...

Industry vs retail super funds

Industry vs retail super funds

Why do industry super funds outperform retail?


Starting a pension from an SMSF

Barry is unsure of the process of retiring and advising his SMSF.

What to do next?

How much is needed for an SMSF?

Keith is questioning whether he has sufficient funds to start an SMSF.

Is $200,000 enough?

Online self managed super funds

Are online SMSFs reputable and do you really need one?

Are online SMSFs a good idea?

Super Funds

Do you have the right super fund?

A new year is a good time to review how insurance premiums may be eroding your super balance.

Is your balance dropping?

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