Retirement Affordability Index

Having written and published content for and about retirees for the past 20 years, the team at YourLifeChoices and our stable of experienced contributors know retirement and retirement planning inside out. We know that the most-asked question is: ‘How much do I need?’

The Retirement Affordability Index™ gives the best answer to that question, cutting through the broad brush approach of other agencies and acknowledging that retirement lifestyles are many and varied.

YourLifeChoices, in partnership with The Australia Institute, produces the quarterly Retirement Affordability Index™ – the only report that investigates how living costs affect six cohorts of retirees so you can adjust your budget and lifestyle if necessary or at least understand the pressure points.

To help calculate the weekly, monthly and annual expenditure for each retirement cohort and to keep you abreast of changes in living costs, the Retirement Affordability Index™ is updated every three months, following the release of CPI data.

Retirement Affordability Index May 2022
Retirement Affordability Index February 2022
Retirement Affordability Index November 2021
Retirement Affordability Index August 2021
Retirement Affordability Index May 2021
Retirement Affordability Index February 2021
Retirement Affordability Index November 2020
Retirement Affordability Index June 2020
Retirement Affordability Index March 2020



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