Editorial policy

YourLifeChoices is committed to honesty, fairness, and independence in the content we produce. We aim to be as accurate, but if we ever make an error that requires correction, we’ll do so as soon as possible. If warranted, we’ll remove incorrect copy or inaccurate reportage and issue an acknowledgement when necessary.

YourLifeChoices aims to attain high standards of quality, accuracy, fairness, and, where possible, balance. We’ll provide honest, independent, impartial journalism with factual content reflect and headlines indicative of the content.

Our team will act ethically, fairly, and honestly. We follow the MEAA Code of Ethics and, when possible, provide balanced and accurate stories.

We acknowledge that mistakes can be made but will correct any errors at the earliest opportunity. If these errors lead to unbalanced accounts, we will seek alternative sources or spokespeople to address inaccuracies or bias.

YourLifeChoices has worked long and hard to build a reputation based on trust, truth, and integrity. We do acknowledge that, while it may not be the opinion of the publisher, any one member of the team or our contributors may have opinions on certain matters that present as bias. In such circumstances, we will do our best to label this content as opinion in the precede, blurb or headline.

While we strive to be impartial on policy, we have our members’ interests at heart and may present arguments for what we believe is in those interests.

We will, however, do our best to present factual accounts. We will endeavour to be sensitive to issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness, and age.

Above all, we aim to adhere to our mission which is to empower older Australians with essential news, informative and guidance relevant to their life stage, so they can make better decisions about health, wealth, travel, and lifestyle – and live their best lives.