Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Finance page, where we feature the latest money news and updates. We can help you with information on cancelling contracts, choosing the right credit card, making a will and why you might consider a Power of Attorney.

Superannuation is an important part of your retirement planning. Did you know there is hundreds of millions of lost super money just waiting to be claimed? Use the link to the lost super site to see if you have unclaimed funds.

We can also help you save your money and manage your finances better both before and after retirement and during the transition to retirement.



Products that will save you money

There are so many commonsense purchasing decisions that can save you money.


Mortgage or superannuation: Which should you prioritise?

If you have extra money, should you use it to pay your mortgage or invest in your super?


Why the robo-advice industry is taking off in Australia

Rainmaker Information identifies eight robo-advice providers in Australia.


Who gets your super when you die?

Do you know what happens to superannuation when a person dies?


Tips to help you fight back against soaring energy bills

Finance expert tells how to stay warm without the pain.

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