Are you interested in working part-time, volunteering or perhaps continuing your lifelong learning? You’ll find information and links to relevant organisations here on the YourLifeChoices Work page, plus the latest news and updates on issues and opportunities for workers over 50 years of age.

Our Lifelong Learning section has information on short and long-term courses available around Australia ranging from Autobiography and Journaling to Practical Psychology for Relationships and Botany: the Study of Plants for Enjoyment.

The greatest gift in life is to give to someone else, and volunteering is a great way to start, so why not donate some of your time to make the world a better place?

And why not check out the Jobs for Older Workers page to see if you can find something to suit if some extra income would come in handy. Are you a senior? Want some hints on staying employed? And what about age-discrimination? Do you know your rights? Follow this six-step plan to combat workplace bullying now.



The ‘Great Reshuffle’ might be your chance for a wage increase

It's been a good year to stay in the workforce.


How do police forensic scientists investigate a case?

A clandestine gravesite recovery expert explains.


Who does the most unpaid work around your house?

Annual survey finds a shocking disparity in unpaid labour - and it's getting worse.


Over-55s are languishing without work, sparking calls for change

Report finds older Australians over-represented in long-term unemployment statistics.


Why it's time to start talking about menopause

The results of a new study are damning but, for women, perhaps unsurprising.

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