Maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing as you get older is vital to enjoying your later years. YourLifeChoices understands this and we bring you up-to-date information, resources and relevant feature articles on the health checks you need, nutrition, managing pain, choosing health insurance, the ins and outs of grandparenting and which alternative medicines may give you the health boost you need. We also explain how aged care works, including residential aged care, aged care services delivery and health and ageing.

Daring to confront our inner self

Daring to confront our inner self

Daring to confront our inner self

How we hide the truth from ourselves and how to achieve psychological freedom.

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  1. The wonder of a standing ovation
  1. Saving your eyesight, early
  1. Why our sleep patterns change
  1. Why more women get Alzheimer’s

Mental health support for older Aussies

mental health issues

Mental health support for older Aussies

University’s trial program seeks additional participants for online initiative.

Health insurance changes catch out many

Health insurance changes catch out many

Health insurance changes catch out many

Members warned after changes mean many may have different exclusions than they once did.

Daylight saving linked to heart attack

Daylight saving linked to heart attack

Daylight saving linked to heart attack

Changing our clocks is bad for the ticker.

Lymph node swelling explained

Why your lymph nodes are swollen

Lymph node swelling explained

Your lymph nodes can swell and become tender for a number of reasons.

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

Watching television for more than three and a half hours a day linked to poorer ...

Jane Goodall’s fight for animal rights

Jane Goodall: on factory farms and animal welfare

Jane Goodall’s fight for animal rights

Sixty years on, Dame Jane continues her tireless campaign for a healthier environment.

Your Health

How proper hydration affects your body

Being hydrated affects your weight, energy and brain function.

Drink up

Zoonotic diseases at home

Zoonotic diseases (also known as zoonoses) are caused by germs that spread between animals and people.

Can animals make us ill?

Strange sleep phenomena

Why do these things happen while we sleep?

What is happening?


Pink noise and sleep explained

Listening to this noise at night may help you sleep more soundly.

Sleep soundly

Sleep apnoea not the end of the world

Sleep apnoea is more common than you may think and life threatening if not treated.

More common than you think

Good and bad COVID habits

Time to eliminate bad lockdown habits and reinforce the good ones.

Out with the bad, in with the good


Drug can stop hearing loss: study

Biologists identify hearing-loss receptor, use drug to prevent hearing damage

Saving sound

Hearing aids may prevent dementia

People who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function.

Hearing check

Advantages of disability

Could there be positives in failing sight and hearing? Peter Leith believes so.

Look, listen, love

Health news

Health hazards hiding in your home

Mould is making 2.5 million Aussies more susceptible to coronavirus.

Healthy housing agenda

Bad air is bad for your brain

Pandemic helps prove air pollution’s link to conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Something in the air

Giving older people a fair go

Professor Joseph Ibrahim tells what is required to fix our ailing aged care system.

How to fix aged care


Older men key to beating COVID?

Study suggests that older males who have recovered from COVID have the best antibodies.

Best blood

Older workers losing out to JobMaker

Youth employment subsidy may cause significant collateral damage.

Given notice

Victoria weathers the second wave

Only Vietnam and Hong Kong have done as well as Victorians.


Health essentials

Better life for those with chronic pain?

Can private health cover improve quality of life for those with chronic conditions?

Improve your quality of life

How healthy is your supermarket?

The ‘Fresh Food People’ awarded healthiest home brand packaged products.

Who’s healthiest?

Turn care wait from nightmare to dream

Most Australians want to age at home. Here’s how we can.

Home sweet home

Brain health

Sitting not bad for older adults

New study reveals that sedentary older adults perform better on some brain tests.

Sit on this

Apathy a sign of Alzheimer’s

Your lack of interest could be an early warning of Alzheimer’s, say scientists.

Time to care?

Sleep apnoea identical to Alzheimer’s

Researchers discover identical signs of brain damage in sleep apnoea and Alzheimer’s.

Link discovered

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