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Our mission

To empower Australian over-50s to make informed decisions about navigating midlife and retirement, through clear, authoritative content and essential resources.

Older Australians are poorly served by both media and advertising. These are smart, intelligent people who have been steering the country for the last generation and are now justifiably looking forward to the second part of their life. They’re not old but they are at an age when they must make important financial and lifestyle decisions that will enable them to live the life they anticipate living from middle-age and beyond.

  • We are up-to-date, independent, and authoritative and available anytime, anywhere.
  • We are for older Australians seeking affordable retirement solutions, health, lifestyle and travel inspiration – and more!
  • YourLifeChoices is a retirement resource serving working Australians, near-retirees and those already retired.
  • Our audience is smart, intelligent and has steered Australia. We don’t stereotype them or try to look young and funky. They’re not remotely close to death.
  • We help people make better decisions that enable them to navigate the ‘second phase’ of their life.
  • We don’t want you to spend the kids’ inheritance, but rather, make the best use of what you have to increase your chance of having an ideal retirement and leaving your children a legacy.
  • We want to show people the opportunities out there without resorting to caricatures. We want retirement to be appealing, not something to dread or that signifies they’re ‘past it’.
  • We’re the home of information for over 50s and the next generation of over 50s.
  • We give our community a voice, as well as helping them reminisce.
  • We are the antithesis of ageing. We redefine retirement.

Our Vision

We make life easier for older Australians to understand how to navigate the next stage of their life in a way that allows them to achieve their retirement dreams. Our members are clear and confident in making decisions that create a better tomorrow for themselves.

We want to:

  • help Australians be clear in what they need to do to achieve their dreams for the future
  • create a community that feels supported and has a voice
  • be the go-to destination for making sure retirees have access to everything they’re entitled to
  • inform, inspire and help people realise their dreams
  • reveals the problems and pitfalls you will face, and how to tackle them
  • reduce the complexity of life, make clear and simple how to live the life you want
  • be the authority on everything that matters most to older Australians
  • deliver clarity, and clear knowledge – you should never be confused after engaging with us
  • give you more time, better health, and more money
  • show you that a better quality of life is achievable.

YourLifeChoices is part of Compare Club Australia. We empower Australians with knowledge to make decisions that will improve their quality of life. We share a desire to make it easier and quicker for all Australians to achieve a better financial future.

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