Grief and Loss


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When someone dies there’s often an overwhelming feeling of grief and loss. While it’s incredibly important to process the emotions associated with death, often the practicalities of arranging a funeral have to be dealt with first. A systematic and pragmatic approach to arranging a funeral is often best, but the occasion should be as much about celebrating the life of the friend or loved one as it is about saying farewell. So, read on to find out what to do when a loved one dies.

And to help you through this often difficult and confusing time, our guide to grief and loss will assist you to balance the legal, financial and practical requirements of the process, fully understanding the role of a funeral director and costs of a funeral, while addressing the wishes of the person you have lost.



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Ageless post a comment 1 week ago

How to start a conversation about end-of-life care

I am in so called end of life care. I'm going to die sooner than

Bundabergian post a comment 1 week ago

How to offer support to a grieving friend

The "if there is anything I can do" speech..... Some years back I was grieving

greygeek post a comment 7 months ago

Posthumous pride – and how about those accessories!

I made the application in 1972 and "I am dying to get into Medical School"!!!!

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