New low-cost airline to launch in Australia next year

Budget airline keen to take advantage of post-pandemic travel boom.

Qantas announces significant inflight entertainment upgrade

Qantas is making the move to upgrade its inflight entertainment on QantasLink jets.

Flight modelling could inform decision on international travel

Scientists have found a way to estimate how many COVID cases could be on flights.

World's best airlines revealed: Australian carriers surprise has released its latest awards and Australian carriers performed well.

Scientists working on an implant to make jet lag history

Implantable 'living pharmacy' could control body's sleep/wake cycles.

Holiday travel drives domestic airline recovery

Australians have been doing their bit to help the domestic airlines recover from COVID.

Five of the world's most sustainable travel companies

Book your next escape with a clear conscience.

Qantas giving away free flights for a year - but there's a catch

Qantas taking matters into its own hands.

Will this concept solve the problem of sleepless economy flights?

Here's hoping other airlines will take notice.

Qantas launches supermoon scenic flight

Qantas gets inventive with new flights and experiences for flyers.

Air safety features include RATS, secret bedroom, bleed hole

Your aircraft is full of safety features hidden in plain sight.

How we can make better use of Australian airports

Airports haven't seen much action in the past year, but they could still be working for us.

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