How to avoid paying extra taxes with the right health insurance policy

Australians over a certain wage and age can face additional tax bills without the right health

Ex-smoker? You could be missing out on cheaper life insurance

Quitting smoking can cut your life insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars. Here's how to

Born before 1970? Here’s how to cut the cost of your life cover premiums

Are you over 50 and paying too much for life insurance? Review your cover now to ensure you're

Insurers raise premiums despite car use declining during lockdowns

Survey shows too many Australians are not asking this key question.

Do life insurance payouts affect the Age Pension?

Geoff's death policy pays out to his children, not his wife. How does this affect the pension?

What are the cheapest cars to insure in 2021?

The car you choose will affect how much you pay for insurance.

Five smart moves for empty nesters

The absence of adult children can mean big savings for the household.

Ex-smoker? You could be missing out on cheaper life insurance

How ex-smokers can save hundreds on life insurance.

CHOICE tips to take charge of 2021

Save water, save money and buy smart in the new year

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your house when something goes wrong.

‘Junk’ insurance hidden in your super

Millions of Aussies may be paying for life insurance that's 'junk'.

Australia’s least affordable insurance

Households in 12 per cent of Australian postcodes may face home insurance premium problems.

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