What happens if you can’t get your second vaccine dose in time?

Is it okay to get your second Pfizer shot beyond the recommended three-week gap?

New vaccines fly high in trials but AstraZeneca rethink a hurdle

Moderna and Novavax vaccines deliver exciting results, but TGA approval still pending.

Which vaccine is best? Here’s why that’s really hard to answer

The experts explain the difficulties, but they're united on one thing.

Study shows COVID is linked to Alzheimer’s-like brain changes

Artificial intelligence uncovers association between COVID-19 and brain changes.

Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Researchers are investigating how green tea could combat COVID.

Complacency has no part in this pandemic

We're the lucky country and we should count our lucky stars, writes Peter Leith.

The massive fail that is still costing you millions

Contact tracing is a key to controlling COVID. But did the COVIDSafe app achieve its aims?

COVID lab leak theory highlights a glaring global fail

Greater control at civilian and military research labs a priority, warns academic.

Calls for other states to follow WA’s mandatory vaccination lead

Governments face dilemma surrounding mandatory vaccinations for aged care workers.

UK data shows vaccines’ efficiency against Delta variant

Questions answered over whether vaccines offer protection against new COVID strains.

Reliance on the army shows Australia is ill-prepared for disaster

Fresh discussion about the defence force's role in Australia.

The COVID problem experts say must be accepted – and corrected

The risk of breathing in COVID-19 is 20 times higher indoors than out, doctors reveal.

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