Whether you're a beginner or technologically advanced, YOURLifeChoices Technology page has everything you need to understand and make the most of your computer, smartphone or mobile device. Our Technology News page is updated twice-weekly by our Technology Expert, Drew Patchell. Whether you are looking to set up a social networking page on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, or just looking find the best broadband or wireless internet deals, Drew can help.

Our tutorials page features answers to all of your computer questions and provides you with the latest hints and tips to update your skills. If you are looking for a senior-friendly mobile phone, something fun on YouTube or a free anti-virus scanner, we have the information you require. 

Online safety is also an important issue and we keep you up-to-date with the latest downloads, anti-virus software and how to avoid scams. We offer short-cut keystrokes if you want to save time and 'how-to' guides for all the best gadgets. And whether you are a Mac or PC fanatic, we answer your questions.

Do you have a technology question you need answered? Just ask Drew.

Best free downloads and games

Best free downloads and games

Are you looking for game to play, a photo editor or anti-virus software? Drew shares ...

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  1. iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launched
  1. Technology takes off
  1. Five iPhone tips you need to know
  1. Avoid overseas roaming issues
  1. Four iPhone/iPad tricks

Dragon Software giveaway

Dragon Software giveaway

YOURLifeChoices is giving our subscribers the chance to win a Dragon voice recognition software package.

Set up multiple user profiles

Set up multiple user profiles

Dragon voice recognition software has the ability to create and store multiple user profiles, so ...

Payphone sites give way to wifi

Payphone sites give way to wifi

Telstra will spend $100 million to install wifi hotspots on old public payphone sites by ...

Top five free photo apps

Top five free photo apps

Get the most out of your smartphone with these top five free photo apps.

Spring clean your technology

Spring clean your technology

Cleaning your devices is a must if you want them to last.

Set up email on Apple devices

Set up email on Apple devices

Find out how to get Apple’s Mail app working in just five steps.

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Stop a program opening on startup

Drew explains how to stop specific programs from loading when your computer turns on

Speed up your computer

What the cloud can do for you

Our tech expert Drew explains exactly what cloud computing is.

Wirelessly back-up data

Microsoft reveals universal translator

Microsoft has just revealed a universal voice translator that works in real time.

Converse in different languages


Secure your hotel room

This alarm is designed to be placed behind any door to keep intruders out.

Safety first


The SteriPEN is the fastest portable UV water purifier available.

Purifier perfect

Dry Pak

Protect your phone, so if it ends up in the drink, it doesn’t drown.

Sink or swim


Avoid overseas roaming issues

Mike recently found himself overseas without reception, so how did he fix his problem?

Find out how he solved his problem

Choosing the best mobile contract

Find out the differences between 12- and 24-month phone contracts.

Contracts clarified

Optus mistakenly releases private numbers

Telecom giant Optus has divulged some of its private numbers to Sensis.

Privacy blunder


Five best websites for wasting time

The five best websites for simply wasting time.

www dot wasting time

Free wifi for Canberra

A $4.4 million plan will see free wifi in our nation’s capital.

Get connected soon

Understanding acronyms

Drew shares commonly used text chat acronyms and what they mean.


Social Networking

Is Pinterest of interest?

Full of DIY tutorials, arts and crafts, recipes and more.

Start ‘pinning’ now

Facebook privacy update

Are you sure that your Facebook privacy settings are configured correctly?

Protect your privacy

How to review a Facebook page

Find out how to review your favourite Facebook pages with this quick and easy tutorial.

How to review

Software & Downloads

Drew reviews Dragon's software

You can now control your whole computer via voice commands, as well as produce documents at 99 per cent accuracy with spoken text.

Give it a try

How to watch TV and movies online for free

Five legal ways to watch television and movies online

Watch movies for free

Warning: Microsoft security flaw

Hackers are exploiting a new security hole in Microsoft Word.

Special fix-it solution

Online Shopping

How to save on shopping

The advantage of online shopping is that, if you do it right, you can end up saving money.

Spend less

Spotting fake user reviews

Drew explains how to spot a fake review.

Can you spot the fakes?

Five best websites for gifts

We share the five best gift websites to help you out this holiday season.

Find the perfect gift

Safety Online

SMS verification

SMS verification is one of the most effective ways to protect your online accounts

Protect your information

One billion passwords stolen

A Russian gang has stolen over one billion usernames and passwords.

How could this happen?

Deals website hacked

Under current laws, COTD was within its rights not to inform customers of website hacking.

Is this delay a disgrace?

Technology News

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to get things done faster, without having to ‘mouse around’. These top 10 shortcuts for mac and pc will save you loads of time.

Maximise your efficiency

Is Pinterest of interest?

Full of DIY tutorials, arts and crafts, recipes and more.

Start ‘pinning’ now

Would you fly on a pilotless jet?

Passenger planes without pilots may be here sooner than we’d like.

No pilot in the cockpit

Technology Q&A

Stop a program opening on startup

Drew explains how to stop specific programs from loading when your computer turns on

Speed up your computer

Set your homepage

Drew explains how to reset your homepage in four different browsers

Choose your own homepage

Megabits and megabytes explained

Drew answers John’s question about the difference between megabits and megabytes.

Does this affect your internet speed?


How to make and organise folders

Ryan’s simple guide will teach you how to easily de-clutter your desktop.

Learn how

Top five must-have free apps

Ryan selects the five best free apps which you must have on your smartphone or tablet.

They’re free

Improve your computer skills

We’ve found three websites which cover the basics of computer and internet skills.

Improve your computer skills

FunOnTheGo App

What is an App?

App, short for application, is now such a commonplace term that there is an assumption everyone knows what one is. If you’re unsure, Rachel has a simple explanation.

What is an App?

Who uses Apps?

If you’re not sure if you’re the kind of person who may use an App, perhaps you need some suggestions on what kind of Apps are available.

Who uses Apps?

Why bother with an app?

When you can access just about any website from your phone or tablet, why would you bother with an app?

Why bother with an app?

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How to clean your computer

How to clean your computer

Are dust and grime slowing your computer down? Learn how to clean your computer safely in five easy steps.

Clean your computer safely

The 25 worst internet passwords

The 25 worst internet passwords

SplashData has released their “25 worst passwords of 2011” based on the most hacked passwords on the internet. The perennial favourite of “password” heads the list.

Are any of yours on there?

Beginner's Guide to Facebook

Beginner's Guide to Facebook

There are many facets to Facebook which are fun, social and actually somewhat addictive. It is a very entertaining way to keep in contact with friends and family, and with this simple guide, YOURLifeChoices will show you how.

Start connecting today!

Free Downloads and Games

Free Downloads and Games

Drew has been busy updating his list of the best free software downloads, anti-virus programs and online games sites to make your 2013 a fun, safe and free year.

They are all free!

Senior-friendly mobile phone

Senior-friendly mobile phone

The mobile phone market is saturated with choice, but it can still be difficult to find a phone that is suitable for senior Australians.

Simple and Easy