Age Pension essentials

Are interest-free loans considered gifting by Centrelink?

Connie wants to know if she can avoid the gifting rules if she lends money overseas.

How your retirement payments are taxed and what is exempt

It is important to understand how lump sum payments you receive in retirement are taxed.

How early do we have to sell investments to claim the Age Pension?

Jacqui and her husband are worried they don't have enough time to sell investment properties.

Centrelink Q&A: Is it possible to get two pensions?

Doug wonders if it is legal to claim two pensions while living overseas.

Does living in a granny flat, caravan or boat affect your pension?

Centrelink chief Hank Jongen explains how your living set-up can affect your pension.

Why our Age Pension costs are among the lowest in the OECD

Acknowledging the role of the family home in the retirement income equation.

Age Pension valuable to even 'wealthy' retirees, says expert

Age Pension offers safeguards and enormous additional value, Milliman research shows.

Age Pension explained

Do you qualify for the Age Pension? How much will you be paid?



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