Payments under Age Pension age

Carol would like to know of any payments available to her from Centrelink.

Payments under Age Pension age

Carol is struggling to continue with work but as she is not yet of Age Pension age, she would like to know of any payments available to her from Centrelink.

Q. Carol

I am 61 and wondering if there is any payment for which I may qualify before I reach the age for an Age Pension?

I currently do part time and casual work, but have some significant health issues that are making it difficult to continue.

Can you advise please?

A. As you are under Age Pension age, the payment that is probably most appropriate for you to claim would be Newstart Allowance. This is paid fortnightly and is subject to the income and asset test, and you will be required to meet Mutual Obligation Requirements. For Australians aged over 55, this is 30 hours of paid work per fortnight, which can include approved voluntary work.

You can find out more at

If your health issues are stopping you from working, you can apply for a Disability Support Pension. This is also subject to the income and asset test. And to be assessed as eligible for this payment, you will need to undergo a Job Capacity Assessment and then a Disability Medical Assessment with a government-contracted doctor.

You can find out more about the Disability Support Pension and the medical parameters under which it is awarded at


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    6th Jul 2017
    The reply to Carol is incorrect. The Mutual Obligation Rules for people over 60 on Newstart are not as stated in the reply. You do not have to work for 30 hrs a fortnight.
    15th Sep 2017
    You are correct. Over 60 and not yet pension age. You do not HAVE to do voluntary work for 30 hours either - If you do a bit of research people in this bracket are being "shafted" and bullied into it - read between the lines. For instance the new rules for over 60 that begin in September next year state that they must volunteer for 10 YES 10 hours a fortnight because at the moment they do not have any mutual obligations.....if that is the case then why am I being told that I HAVE to volunteer for 30 YES 30 hours a fortnight at the moment ?????? so I do 30 now then only 10 from next year ??????? I have a few medical issues that often prevent me from going to my volunteer job - I have worked and paid taxes since 15 - something is not right!
    1st Aug 2017
    Ten years ago I went on disability support pension due to illness and there was a payment reduction for having more than $70,000 in the bank. They also wanted to calculate the value of assets. Probably changed now as it is the national disability insurance scheme.
    8th Aug 2017
    Newstart - you have to manage to get a job before you can work 30 hours.
    A person with medical issues may not be able to work the required hours and my not be eligible for a Disability Support Pension. Some get that quite easily, some fight for months for it even if it is proved the person is unable to work.
    20th Aug 2017
    It is extremely difficult to apply for the disability pension. You have to meet certain qualifications. Carol should seek proper advice from Centre link
    2nd May 2018
    My wife had an interview for Disability Pension & was asked if she could pick up a telephone, she said yes. The reply from the interviewer was that she could get a job in a call centre. Problem is they are all overseas.
    19th May 2018
    On reading these I feel nauseous that the Govt is abusing its own citizens in such a disgusting way.

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