Is Newstart classed as income?

Does a wife’s claim for the Newstart Allowance affect her husband’s Age Pension?

Is Newstart classed as income?

Alexandra’s husband has submitted a claim for the Age Pension and she would like to know if her subsequent claim for the Newstart Allowance will affect his eligibility.

Q. Alexandra

I am 60 years of age and retiring from work for health reasons. My husband is 69 and we have applied for the Age Pension for him – I am not eligible until I turn 65 and 6 months. If I apply for the Newstart Allowance, will it affect my husband's Age Pension? We don't have many assets.  

A. Your claim for the Newstart Allowance will not affect your husband’s Age Pension claim as the Newstart Allowance is not classed as income. However, if you have already submitted your husband’s claim for the Age Pension, your income from employment will be assessed and, therefore, if you are planning on stopping work, you should advise Centrelink as soon as possible.

To be eligible for the Newstart Allowance, you will need to meet the activity test requirements, which usually involve looking for, or retraining for work. As you are over 55, the requirements may be more flexible.

To find our more about eligibility and applying, visit the Department of Human Services


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    27th Oct 2014
    I Alexandra can't work because of ill health she may need to apply for a disability pension. Much better than newstart.
    27th Oct 2014
    Absolutely Nan, a disability support pension is much better then Newstart where a person has to look for work, or do so many hours voluntary work each week to satisfy the Centrelink requirement. This person needs to speak to their G.P.
    27th Oct 2014
    So does that mean if the husband is getting the OAP already and his wife (under retirement age) does apply and gets new start does this affect his pension amount?
    B j
    28th Oct 2014
    I was in the same situation nan was on newstart had to do 15hrs vol work you had to be really unable to do anything have to really have a disability to get a disability support pension.Your husband can get the OAP but it's less than the single OAP it's quite a bit less per fortnight than the OAP for a couple.Hope this answers your questions.P.s also depends on your assets. '
    Not Senile Yet!
    1st Nov 2014
    Yep! Illegal for anyone to Discriminate against you except our own Government....who by the way are exempt.....disgraceful double standard!!!!
    Paying someone less money because they are married is merely discrimination!!!
    It affects the women more than the men most times....yet it the women who sacrifices income to raise the future tax payers for the Government! Blatantly biased and behind the times!!!
    Al citizens deserve to be paid a single pension regardless!!!
    How to fund it????
    Absurd question really....the tax income of our present Government is more than double what it was 20 yrs ago and probably double again compared to 40 yrs they are not short!!!
    The reality lies in money spent on MP,s and Government expenditure on Defence......this exceeds the requirements given we are not at war.......but simply pandering to the USA's requests!!!!
    Both Parties have sold off everything to Private Enterprise and no longer fund half our infrastructure Power,Water Gas, and Roads or Public just where are all our taxes going????
    Time to remove the Corrupt Parties from our Parliament!!!!

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