The Australian Government provides an Age Pension as a safety net for eligible citizens who cannot fully fund their own retirement through retirement savings. Managed by and paid for via Services Australia, or Centrelink as its more commonly known, there is strict eligibility criteria, which includes residency period, age qualification and an assessment of income and assets. Due to this criteria, not every Australian will be eligible for an Age Pension.

Age Pension increase to be 'wiped out' by rising grocery costs

Biggest pension increase in seven years not enough to keep up with cost of living.

Actuaries call for family home to be included in Age Pension assets te

Actuaries Institute says retirement system must be fairer, simpler and more efficient.

Age Pension boost and the other 1 July retirement changes

Changes set to kick in from 1 July could provide a big boost for some pensioners.

Government denies it will force pensioners onto debit card

Labor claims government has plans to introduce cashless welfare card for pensioners.

Small rise in Age Pension numbers as exodus to Queensland continues

Expert says new data proves older Aussies are asset rich.

Key economic indicator points to Age Pension increase in September

Good news for pensioners in latest Living Cost Index figures.

Aussies believe things look dire for when they retire

A majority of Australians think the Age Pension should be increased.

End of year help for age pensioners

Hank Jongen on how Services Australia plans to support older Aussies through summer.

Reports 'demonic' robo-debt algorithms are now targeting pensioners

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has called on the government to protect pensioners.

Centrelink staff not ‘productive for customers’, report finds

Survey of Services Australia staff finds deep dissatisfaction with performance targets.

The way forward in this low interest rate environment

Noel Whittaker says switching banks regularly for an extra 0.5 per cent is a mug's game.

December Centrelink changes to affect half a million

New reporting changes due to start on 7 December will save the government $2.1 billion.

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