The Australian Government provides an Age Pension as a safety net for eligible citizens who cannot fully fund their own retirement through retirement savings. Managed by and paid for via Services Australia, or Centrelink as its more commonly known, there is strict eligibility criteria, which includes residency period, age qualification and an assessment of income and assets. Due to this criteria, not every Australian will be eligible for an Age Pension.

Our pension system is B-graded

Rejigged assets test has caused retirement income system to deteriorate: index.

Noel offers retirement strategy

Should Deirdre put her earnings into super or shares or both?

Pension thresholds: September 2018

Changes to the Age Pension that will come into effect on 20 September 2018.

Age Pension increases: Sept 2018

How much more Age Pension will you receive?

Costs delaying your retirement

Aussies are working more years before retirement. Here's why.

Why would you work until 70?

What would encourage older Australians to work longer?

How to reapply for the Age Pension

Ready to reapply for the Age Pension after losing your entitlements? Here's how.

Will loan scheme affect pension?

Health Department clears up confusion on how funds are assessed.

Age Pension “too hard”

The application process for the Age Pension is "too complicated and too long".

‘Moral crisis’ hurting pensioners

Calls for a national strategy at all levels of government.

Making a universal pension work

Australia should follow Danish approach to pensions to achieve fairer outcomes.

Planned change to pension revealed

Superannuation funds will be forced to offer lifetime income streams to members.

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