8th Mar 2017

Do I need to wait until my partner is of Age Pension age?

Couple nearing retirement age
Debbie McTaggart

Maeve is about to reach Age Pension eligibility age, although her partner is a few years younger. She would like to know if this will stop her from being able to make a claim.  

Q. Maeve
As a woman about to retire, can I receive the Age Pension before my younger partner is eligible for his Age Pension? 

A. You can claim an Age Pension before your partner reaches Age Pension age. As you are in a relationship, you will be assessed as part of a couple and therefore his income and assets will be used to determine your eligibility and payment. View the current income and asset thresholds

If you are eligible to receive a payment, you will also be paid the couple rate of Age Pension for one eligible member. View the current Age Pension payment rates. 

You can apply for an Age Pension 13 weeks prior to your pension eligibility birthday and the sooner you make the claim, the sooner you will receive your first payment. Even if you don't have all the documentation you need at hand, you should still commence the claim. Centrelink will advise what additional information and documentation is required. 

To find out more about your eligibility, contact Human Services direct on 13 2300. 

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20th Mar 2017
If the Centrelink system can detect that we are inelligible for the pension in part or full, why can't it put you back on when you become elligible. I refer to those of us who were receiving a part pension before they changed the rules.
I hope we don't ever have to go through the process again
20th Mar 2017
It has always puzzled me why we are taxed as individuals but receive benefits as couples, talk about discrimination
20th Mar 2017
WOW! What a very inciteful comment. However, I think the explanation is self evident. That's the way the receive the most money ..... and pay out the least!
20th Mar 2017
If the only one member of the couple is eligible they only receive half the couple rate which is less than the single rate. This can be tough if there is no other income coming in.
21st Mar 2017
Excellent point, Cassius. All Politicians (past & present) as well as all Govt employees & judges should have all pension entitlements removed and be forced to follow the same rules as others - then we might see some sense.

The only sensible solution to pensions is to pay all who paid taxes in Aiustralia for say 20 years the full pension without any tests, and then tax all INDIVIDUAL income above that as in the current Tacx system - we don't need Centrelink in this area except for those who did not pay taxes. Any Political Party game to take this up, or indeed support a fair go for pensioners (as the Liberals have abandoned them?
20th Mar 2017
Our P.M.stated if you loose your part pension you will automatically receive your H.C.card in the mail what a joke just try it and be prepared for a shock.
20th Mar 2017
how much does a single receive on a pension? Can anybody tell me this? please
20th Mar 2017
It's on the Centrelink website. The estimator is also very accurate if you want to calculate a part pension
20th Mar 2017
thanks sunday i can't even get on the centrelink site it won't let me. but i will endeavor to find out next time i visit them thanks
21st Mar 2017
It would have been helpful if the author explained the rule whereby the younger partner can cease work, leave their super in accumulation mode and they can receive the OAP and concession card until the younger spouse reaches retirement age currently 67.

I have friends using this strategy because they can and it is worth tens of thousands in taxpayer dollars.
almost a grey hair
22nd Mar 2017
current ret age is 65 and moves to 65.5 on jul 1

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