Aged Care

Want to know more about aged care, but confused by the maze of information and acronyms, the roundabout of government departments and the obscure pension implications?

This section of YourLifeChoices website is devoted to helping you to negotiate the tips and traps of ageing well at home or in residential care. And how you can make the best choices in aged care, whether for yourself, your parents or a loved one.



Most aged care homes would fail minimum staffing standards

Aged care staffing levels have a long way to go to meet 2023 targets.


Website tracking aged care issues has 2000 reports already

When Carol* goes to work in an aged care home secure dementia ward, there's a consistent problem.


Australia set for dire aged care shortage in the next decade

The aged care situation in Australia could be about to get a lot worse.


Friday Reflection: Planning for a grey future

Dianne Motton considers why there is such hostility towards moving into aged care.


Greens call for removal of the age cap in the NDIS

Greens disability spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John says NDIS is discriminatory.

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