Aged Care

Want to know more about aged care, but confused by the maze of information and acronyms, the roundabout of government departments and the obscure pension implications?

This section of YourLifeChoices website is devoted to helping you to negotiate the tips and traps of ageing well at home or in residential care. And how you can make the best choices in aged care, whether for yourself, your parents or a loved one.



Friday Reflection: The Budget is missing the care in aged care

Investment in aged care is limited and potentially misleading, according to Lincoln Hopper.


New data shows how to make big savings on home care

Government update shows how administration fees are eating into home care packages.


Federal government's aged care failings coming back to bite

COVID-19 has returned to federally run aged care facilities in Melbourne.


Most Australians support a tax levy to improve aged care

The vast majority of Australians are not confident in the aged care system.


Medication mistakes show 'we can't get basics right'

Symposium told that almost half of medicine complaints related to 'basic administration'.

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