Let the Good Times at Home roll: Saving the best for last – Vika and Linda Bull

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Who could forget hearing the unmistakable voices of Vika and Linda Bull for the first time as backing singers in Joe Camilleri’s band The Black Sorrows?

And while they may have come to prominence as backing singers, these ladies have certainly come into their own as a duo.

The refined product of a life of singing together, and from working with the some of Australia’s best, such as Paul Kelly, John Farnham, Archie Roach, Deborah Conway and, of course, Joe Camilleri, Vika and Linda are themselves among the best in the Australian music business.

“If God’s best instrument is the human voice, then Vika and Linda are two superb examples,” says a biographer of the two.

“Their voices showcase assertive power blended with a finely tuned sense of timing, knowing when to pull back and allow tenderness to shine.”

Inducted last year into the Music Victoria Hall of Fame alongside luminaries such as AC/DC, Olivia Newton-John, Chrissy Amphlett, Renée Geyer, Paul Kelly and John Farnham, Vika and Linda have this year stepped back into the studio to record their first full-length album in 18 years.

Today though, you’ll go behind the scenes with the legendary Bull sisters for a breathtaking performance, as they play an old favourite and a surprise song you’ll absolutely love and play over and over.

The Apia Good Times Tour stars can’t come to your town this year, but you can visit them at their place.

Apia and YourLifeChoices bring you the Apia Good Times at Home Tour, featuring Australian rock and pop royalty and a few surprise songs and guest artists to boot.

The Apia Good Times Tour 2020 has been rescheduled for May and June 2021. While the artists may not be able to play live this year, they’ve each put together a special something to keep you entertained in your living room.

For those who have purchased tickets to the 2020 tour, you should have been contacted directly by the relevant show’s authorised ticketing agency regarding the date change. Tickets can be transferred to the new concert date in your location for the 2021 tour. Alternatively, a refund option is available should the date not suit.

For all Apia Good Times Tour dates and location information, please visit www.apiagoodtimes.com.au and let the Good Times roll!

Have you seen the Bull Sisters sing live?

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Apia Good Times stars can't come to your town this year, but you can visit them at theirs.

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  1. 0

    I saw them with Joe Camilleri. They were awesome.

  2. 0

    I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these girls live unfortunately, but I’ve been watching their Sunday songs all through lockdown. Also watched them on RockWiz for years. Been listening to their new album. Love it!!

  3. 0

    Yes have seen them quite a few times, with Joe and by themselves, I believe they are the best female singers Australia has, and they have juggled motherhood all the way through too.
    Good to hear they are recording a new albumn, about time.



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