Will Brodie

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Will has worked at The Age online and as a freelance writer for the past 20 years. He has written a non-fiction book about the Australian Ice Hockey League, a contemporary novel, and a sci-fi novella. Reading, golden age TV, camping and sport occupy his leisure time.


Money Q&A

Lessons from our parents that never went out of fashion

When it comes to money, some lessons never get old.

Mental Health

Do you suffer from athazagoraphobia?

Do you fear being forgotten or ignored? You're not alone.

Health news

You're likely to be obese if you meet these four criteria

Study shows how education, postcode and housing status affect your waistline.

Finance News

Wholesale power prices drop, but most households paying more: report

Lockdowns put pressure on household budgets despite falling energy costs.

Brain health

How 'super-agers' live to 100 with a healthy mind

Dutch study tells how cognitive 'super-agers' maintain brain function.


Expert warns of new national COVID wave

Australia's COVID outbreaks are at a 'critical point', says leading epidemiologist.

Seniors Finance

Top brands revealed in customer satisfaction survey

Roy Morgan announces annual awards as marketers debate the value of trust.


Older workers can offset economic impacts of population ageing

Experts say more mature workers could increase economic prosperity.


Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Researchers are investigating how green tea could combat COVID.

Seniors Finance

Why you should hold out for end of financial year bargains

Big retailers report thin earnings, triggering predictions of bumper sales.


Leading supermarket tests BYO container system

Campaign to cut down on packaging welcomed, but more changes urged.


The COVID problem experts say must be accepted - and corrected

The risk of breathing in COVID-19 is 20 times higher indoors than out, doctors reveal.

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