Fashion is not just a phase

Executive Director of the Global Coalition on Aging, Michael Hodin, was appalled by the lack of fashion for over 60s at the recent New York Fashion Week. He shared his thoughts with the Huffington Post, and his article is well-worth the read.

Mr Hodin makes a good point. If the money is with the over 50s, why aren’t fashion designers catering to this age group? Many of the designers themselves are older – Vivien Westwood is 72, Calvin Klein is 70, Ralph Lauren is 73, Vera Wang is 64… the list goes on. Turning 50 (or 60, or 70) does not suddenly turn off your desire to look good. And why should it? Wearing a flattering outfit is a confidence booster no matter your age, gender or body shape. What, then, are fashion designers so afraid of? If fashion is about making the world a more beautiful place, surely we would all benefit from a few more fabulous 50s and sexy 60s in stylish outfits.